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A revamped version of an older style I used to carry in my shop. And when I say revamped, I mean I just used an aqua chalcedony gemstone instead of a

WEEKEND AUCTIONS ✨ this auction includes 1 raw set: kyanite with purple / pink mica, black tourmaline and aragonite 😊Starting bid: $4 💸

How cute 🐘How many of you would sit here with baba

WEEKEND AUCTIONS ✨ this auction includes 1 raw selenite log and 1 tumbled malacolla (malachite / chrysocolla) stone 😊Starting bid: $4 💸

Thanks again to Kate @_coppermoon_ for this stunning Moon~Lotus Crystal wall shelf, which is now taking pride of place in my living room, right

Pasamos la vida buscando riquezas, felicidad, amor y olvidamos que ya somos ricos con la naturaleza que nos regala energía, paz, felicidad y momentos

🌸 ✧ ❁ 🦋 p i n k . l o v e || our stunning pink dress is paired with our ivory butterfly bra, & our @sea_gypsy_designs pink aura crystal

Festa no tema Chuva de Amor Boho da @formiga_festeira🌬.As nuvenzinhas hippies do painel são do nosso Ateliê 💙.Visitem o IG

Getting these beauties ready to go on the website! We almost sold out of our necklaces! Thank you so much for your support🌍✌🏾.....

We are all connected...we are all one great, beautiful divine being's outward expression of itself...Felt the need to come to a park, pray and

New Earrings ✌☀️


...das coisas boas... O Trabalho. #DiolindaTáNaÁrea #Brasil #RiodeJaneiro #Ipanema #Arpoador #posto8 #carioca #artesanato #artesanatodasminas

Are you constantly trying to balance your nutrition and exercises? STOP bouncing with fads or loading up with protein protein and more protein lolIt

esse dia foi loko, eu fumei umas verdinha e fui para numa combi na México com um monte de Hippies até hj não sei como isso aconteceu ...

For the past few months I’ve been living alone in a studio apartment, really basking in being alone with myself. Something I hadn’t had in a while

》》》PREORDER 《《《 🖤 Retro vibes 🖤 🎉 Choose between a Next Level Unisex ringer tee for an extra vintage feel or Bella Unisex crew in

و اما....بلاخره زمان رو نمایی از دلبرهای زیبای منم شده😍عاشقشونم این اولین دلبرجان هستن.🤗نیم ست فیروزه سنگ های فیروزه ی نا منظم و انیکس مشکی.خرج کار ی های رنگ ثابت و زنجیر استیل رنگ ثابت دسنبند :۳۵۰۰۰تومانسینه ریز :۱۲۵۰۰۰تومان قیمت هردو۱۵۰۰۰۰تومانسفارش از طریق دایرکت....سفارش انواع #گردنبند #گوشواره #دستبند #پابند پذیرفته میشود. #ahvaz # #هدیه #هدیه_خاص #دستساز #هنری #هنری_طوری #بوهو #زیورآلات #زیورالات_دست_ساز #اهواز #bohostyle #boho #bohemian #زیورالات #زیورآلات_خاص #زیورآلات_دستساز #دستبند_دستساز #دستبند_سنگی #هیپی #بودا #hippie #goodvibes #instagram #likelike

Vintage 70's Summer Striped Bellbottom Jumpsuit | 1970's Rap Session Blue and White Pin Striped | Lace Jumpsuit | Size Small$50Beautiful vintage 70

If you’re having spring fever like I am, then this tank is perfect for ya 🤗 #nofilter #tiedye

✨ I'm starting a collection, there's​ a cute little essential oil shop in downtown Lititz, @josiahsoilsllc Go check them out! ✌ #jewelrygram

Hippie Elephant Sling Crossbody Bag Purse Thai Top Zip Handmade Black S11 #Womensfashionista, #Bag, #Black, #Crossbody, #Elephant, #HandbagsElephant

💚Almost to 1k followers. Hazy Day is doing another sticker giveaway with 5 winners at 900 followers. Make sure you are following @hazydayllc. Also


Trust your feet, I smile as we slowly climb sideways. We are only a tiny jump from the hot sand. I like to watch their little hands and feet finding

Currently at a healing retreat so I can have even more healing vibes to put into my pieces. Here’s a shiny baby I made last week. It’s slightly

Keeping the vibrance on this Friyay! 🌞🌻

Keeping it simple & bright 🌻

✌️✌️Happy first day of Spring ✌️✌️