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we create fields of movement and valleys of myth and hills of sunlight. we want the beauty of our haven to be new, a kind of strange round good

Driving through the clouds on the way from Hue to Hoi An via the Hai Van Pass!!Stopping to take in the amazing scenery and views of the coastline.

I've been working on a long term project and 'trying' to keep up with school. At least I'm only failing one class now! #circleart #hills #flowers

✨⛰✨✝️✨⛰✨✝️✨⛰✨✝️✨⛰✨✝️✨⛰✨✝️✨⛰✨✝️✨⛰✨✝️✨⛰ ::|::... #mtsoledad

So, yes. There goes an utterly confused me, whether to jump or just sit down there and wait for life to happen.Of course I chose the latter, exactly

Nos vamos de viaje, regresamos y recordamos con estas maravillosas fotos.En tenemos el compromiso de darte los mejores

I will be guest instructing for the AMAZING Teresa tomorrow, Friday 3/22 at 7:00am. To quote Mama T “get your happy ass to class” 🍑🍑...See

When You love me, all I want to do is love You more.

Nothing like blue skies, fluffy clouds and a whole lot of green. ☁️☁️☀️ #tbt

An orange farm on the feet of the hills. I am sure later when these oranges fruity the taste will be very very sweet cause these orange trees live

• 🐴🐴 • We’re going to be👆👆on the 4th and 5th with 🍹🥂🍷🍻 on board 🚌 Can’t wait to get amongst the crowd and serve at

This morning = hill sprints. Tricky on uneven ground but got to see the sunrise and run beside some native wildlife ☀️💚 #fitforlife #runner

I am climbing this mountain on Saturday morning, and there is no human on this earth, nor unworthy spirit of this universe that is gonna stop me

This afternoon with residents at #TheMeadows in Battle Ground. They were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of their own art work. #BeautifulThings

Spring has sprung 🐝

Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. It may be tiring, but keep moving forward. Rest if you must, but dont give up.