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Spent the day hiking into the mountain, so peaceful with the wind and rain. Not a soul around till the afternoon. It was nice to remember Harry


When the Peak District Challenge was founded, we felt that some of the existing challenge events that have developed in the UK have shaky

#whatsmycolourThe universe acknowledged you before you where and it will acknowledge you even when you have forgotten that you are, #grace


😍OMG Hooman took me on this early morning trip to Belgium to create a new trail for @simbasadventures_dogwalks !🐾 We even crossed a river

It’s hard to get out of a hiking comfort zone. In Western Washington, my hikes have ferns, talus rocks, evergreens. Even though they’re all

Aspettando una domenica per tornare in montagna...Una delle mie escursioni preferite, che rifarei volentieri in condizioni fisiche migliori 😅

I come alive, I'll survive, take on anythingSo paint a target on my back, let 'em come for me - I Prevail.... #iprevail #highhopeclothing


This dog is more human than both the humans together in this picture! Of course, he decided to go back after she judged that we aren't as good as her

* Die Freiheit des Menschen liegt nicht darin, dass er tun kann, was er will, sondern, dass er nicht tun muss, was er nicht will.*.~Jean-Jacques

I don't especially like to travel, not the way many people do. I know many people that love to go to far-off and different places, and I've never been

Definitely worth the hike 🍃


Wishing our Memorial Day weekend looked a lot more like this instead of studying for a chemistry test 😅 But we have awesome plans for next weekend

I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful and wild place. It's a constant reminder to get outside and breathe some fresh air. As a society, we

"Wenn uns jemand viel bedeutet, dann sind Alter, Kilometer und Größe lediglich Zahlen und spielen keine Rolle. Denn sich nah zu sein, ist eine

🇬🇧 you could go up to the cross (swipe), but it was really narrow, i got stuck at one point and had to turn back. Know your boundries

Hikes are one of my favorite forms of cardio. Hiking isn’t steady state because there’s inclines and declines. Hiking always keeps my heart


De quelle façon allez-vous explorez les contrés de l'Alberta ce weekend ? ⠀À dos de cheval, à vélo, à pied ou en voiture

Die Waldgastätte Friedensdenkmal auf dem edenkobener Werderberg - ein beliebtest Anlaufziel für Wanderer mit super Essen! #südpfalz #pfalz #pfä

Next summit 🗻

🐶Solche "Gwaggelibrüggli" gab es früher viele, hier noch eines der letzten übrig gebliebenen. Leider mussten alle wegen zu grosser Gefahr


🏔 | HOLIDAYSQuel bonheur de me réveiller (à 7h merci papa) et de partir en randonnée en plein coeur de la nature. Un début de vacances

Coco pretty much carried me up the hill on this hike. 👏🏼 ⛰ 🐕

Nature is healing for our soul. What will you do to get out in nature today?