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Have you ever heard of Reiki 霊気 ••Reiki is a form of energy healing. When providing Reiki we use a technique called palm healing or hands-on

I have spoken to countless people who became ill with Fibromyalgia during their teenage years and early twenties.I have found that the impact on


Our anti-aging facelift massage reduces fine lines and boosts collagen while draining lymph from the face ✨.... #veda #vedaspirit #ayurveda

Did you know that you have OXIDATIVE STRESS? We all do actually. High levels of it is associated with over 200 diseases. I recommend that you reduce

This Sunday at @jalablu_yoga come experience Energy Healing and Crystal Therapy for free! I’ll be holding space from 11am-4pm for 15minute sample

Bowing 🙇🏼‍♀️ to you Gaia. Mama 🌍 Earth. Pachamama. Today and every day. May we find our way. Your way. The way out of patriarchy and

Join us May 1 @lazyacresmarketlb while we speak about how Healing ourselves can heal the Earth. Make a commitment this EarthDay to the planet and to

Part of exercise is feeling good so you can start or continue and with hempworx cbd oil is exactly what helps you get there!!! 💚🌱Parte del


Have you heard of post-traumatic growth? Have you experienced growth as a direct result of trauma? 📝... #HurtHelpHeal #PowerOfWriting

April 22nd 2019 angel message to stay in the present moment. Everything is happening as it should be exactly.Monday's R ask for Monday's on my

I've been there. Sometimes, that's all you can do. One day at a time. The important thing... you're still here. Just remember, you're worth it

Ahh look! I made my own soil! START COMPOSTING♡ (it smells so bad ha plant sewage) its so easy tho, cost practically nothing, connects you to

There is nothing better than being surrounded by nature! Serenity at it's best! Quiet, calm and still, the way life should be. Stress free is so

My little human did my commands and I listened. Howevern she needs more training because ahe kept getting distracted leaving me at Stay forever. Also


Hey, friend... this message is incredibly important. I sometimes get so caught up in trying to think positively during difficult times that I stress


life hurts, nature heals 🍃🌞’s important to connect with nature. make it a priority to get out and enjoy what Mother Earth has

He may not do it the way we expect, but He will do it the way it should be done! Many times we want justice. We expect to see our perpetrator or

Quem não encontra a motivação dentro de si mesmo, não a acha em nenhum outro lugar e nada será capaz de ajuda-lo.⭐ #documentario #netflix

Came home to some beautiful Lilies and a card waiting at the front desk for Christine Wilson. It never gets old. It feels so good to be desired and

recognizing what does not align with your higher good, nor the direction you are heading, is extremely important 🔹️ you can send love, compassion

If you never take the first step, you will never know. Sometimes things are not as difficult as they seem to be. #justdoit #venture #venturing

Indeed it can all be medicine..depends on whether or not it is needed, how much you take and what you're taking it for...administer wisely..proceed


Happy Earth Day!!!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏻✌️Looking back when I used to educate kids on how to cook popcorn using solar power and the

Most people have grown to see Earth as a “thing” and not a living being. But Earth, Mother Earth breathes, she is conscious, she sees and hears

You would not be here, if you weren’t needed. Don’t ever forget this. You’re here for a reason. You are worthy of the whatever it is you seek

Growing in love with the land I am now calling home.How special it is to have an abundance of organic chemical and spray free produce available on

Keep fighting OKLAHOMA!! Don't let the politicians ruin #sq788oklahoma WE THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR IT, AND WE THE PEOPLE DON'T WANT IT CHANGED!! Check

“You have two homes, Earth and your body. Take care of them.”.I love this quote and felt compelled to share it with all of you since today is


May we always help those around us that are struggling and be the one that shines light through in the midst of their darkness. I am beyond grateful

Welcome back Chamomile

Every day is Earth Day. Quite honestly, I believe this is something we should contemplate daily. All of the medicines (even synthetically derived

I really find this so powerful. How many times have I said ‘I’ll try’ and not realized that I am actually setting myself up for failure. It is

A private members only event for women 21 and older.Join us for uplifted and infused cuisine, positivity puffs and conversation. Our first meet and

"Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything resolves, everything flies and goes away." - Frida Kahlo 💕... #fridakahlo


What emotion does this stir in you?Comment down below!I would LOVE to hear from you! #DrLindaHumphreys #InsideOutTransformation®----

My current personal development is Beyond Grit. I am in love with this book. Way too many golden nuggets. I am sure I will read this multiple times.