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Cleanest spot on the mirror😅Did shoulder and biceps today. Here is what I did:Military press: 2 warm up sets + 4 x 8-10One arm cable lateral

As promised, videos on scapular retractions. One from the back and another from the side. Make sure to engage the retractions by squeezing back the

The energy and thoughts you bring in will manifest... Be sure they're all positive thoughts ' with the energy of succeeding ; not necessary

My client doing padwork. Putting in the work and getting better everyday. Message me for information on lessons. Come on down to Willpower Fitness

Another 4! Congrats my brothers Expert Car Care AAA continues to strive for greatness and take #1 in customer service! Enjoy your steaks, scotch,

🔥Going all out when you want something real bad. .It’s all about ‘how badly you want it’ and when you want something bad enough, it’s only

👉🏼 LINK IN BIO To Shop NowBoost your fat burning power naturally 🍃 today! 🔥💪🏻Alphatox tea blends such as the Energy and Slimming


That’s a wrap on this weeks training! Finished up with arms💪💪💪Hope everyone is having a great Easter weekend

Goal: Lean out and get stronger. I don’t recommend using the flu to help with the leaning out process though... ••• #youoweyou #beawarrior

CHARITY is not giving ... but rather giving when you need it as well.Inspiration : #warriorsway #forgepower #samfalsafi #iamthatiam #inspire


It’s all too easy to get caught up in things that could have been different or didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to. Sometimes the best way

F.L.Y.P. is here to provide guidance for structured anxiety release outings!Especially with aggressive dogs...Balance between physical challenge &

Weighed at 255lbs today. I gained a few lbs of water retention since I trained hard in the la00st few days (legs). .Doing 3 #bullshit sets of 12 or

A que le llamo LIVING LARGE? A entrenar durisimo y a embutirse de comida después de entrenar, porque hasta para eso hay que tener cojones sino mejor

Colossians 3:23• whatever you do, work at it with a your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.... #growingwithGod #happiness

This is the unforgettable moment of my life, when I first time did theatre of 2 months practice on the occasion of Arts & Ideas festival. It was great


When starting a salon suite, always go the extra mile! Going above and beyond will ensure that your salon suite exceeds your expectations and is true

Stopped by Metroflex in Oceanside after a hike up Iron mountain this morning. Fucking awesome Saturday morning getting shit done! The tooth is better

TEASER for a piece @landenkruger did on me, following me through my camp to @cagewarsny 41 when I got the dub 🏆....Check my bio for

Real change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s been about a year and a half into my journey and I’m no where close to where i want to be. I’ve


Non sempre chi si ferma è perduto.A volte “fermarsi” serve per ritrovare se stessi.

Bilgi Amaçlıdır!👊 Sabah erken kalkmak, günün diğer saatlerinde bazı insanların huysuz olmalarının en büyük nedenidir. Ancak erken kalkt