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Essere donna è così affascinante.Un’avventura che richiede un tale coraggio,una sfida,che non finisce mai...••• #romanticismo


May day 26 of the fifth month of the calendar year be an extremely beautiful day for you. For it is a day of joy for me and I want to send you

CHEF Cake Topper... Cake por @flourloveshoppe.Ordena tu cake topper personalizado..🎂 Escríbenos inbox 📩o Whatsapp al 787-914-2417


Our tiny dancer turned 5 today 🎈 my how the time has flown by. She showed me just how much she has grown by Dancing her little heart out at her

⁣⁣HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTIN!⁣⁣⁣⁣You don’t really know who I am yet or what’s all going on, but

Nikolas’s birthday request:1. Go to Bojangles2. Go to Target3. Go to the movies to see Avengers Endgame4. Birthday dinner with family. Done

My friend. You have my soul. I wouls put a hit on anyone for you if i had mob ties.. no one has respected me the way you have..happy birthday by best


🎁งานปั้นดินญี่ปุ่น ดินเกาหลี 🎁ติดต่อสั่งงาน Line :


Happy birthday my child aka grown man. Lol! Birthday was Wednesday, but we celebrated today with a trip to the mall, dinner and home for cake & this

Celebrated the hubby's birthday a day early. When @kenny.hall.7921 is willing to rewatch a show to get me into it and then rewatch it a third/fourth

Happy four years!! Felices cuatro años!! Princess Cat, Mapache, Whiskers, Missy Manchita y Tigrit @roxenith @giovenith...........

Tobby mi súper jodedor hoy está cumpliendo un año, que sean muchos más para mí cachorro🐕🎂🎈🎉.... #Dog #InstaDog #Perros

Neste exato momento há 6 anos atrás , dia 25 de maio de 2013 as 23:43 e dia 26 de maio de 2013 as 00:02 chegavam ao mundo, os maiores presentes que




The entire #GoldenPrimeFamily wishes😍 you a day filled with happiness🎊🎉 and a year filled with joy 🎂-Mr. Suman Singh,Regional Head-North

Today is a celebration as I am now 6 years old. I can’t wait to explore everything that’s in store! Happy Birthday to me 😁 #zayahsworld


The entire #GoldenPrimeFamily wishes😍 you a day filled with happiness🎊🎉 and a year filled with joy 🎂-Ms. Vishali Kapoor,Product

Happy 5th Birthday to Bella

ここ数日天気の良い日が続いてますね☀️井の頭恩賜公園を、お散歩するのが気持ちいいです☺️井の頭公園までいらしたらラベファーナにもお立ち寄り下さい🍝 #pizza #pizzeria #labefana #japan #italian #wine #吉祥寺イタリアン #kichijoji #tokyo #街のイタリアン #ワンコ #ペット可 #写真好きな人と繋がりたい #happybirthday #ワイン好きな人と繋がりたい #イタリアワイン #やってます #ピッツェリア #吉祥寺 #井の頭公園 #ラベファーナ吉祥寺 #イタリアン #ラベ吉

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MA!!! I hope you're enjoying your surprise birthday trip to Vegas!!! You're the best mother ever and I appreciate all your sacrifices

May 25 1996 is the birthdate of my youngest son Omari Manu Farji. @_thewise1 Enjoy this day to the fullest! 🏋🏾‍♂️✊🏾😎👍🏿


SÚPER PROMO ESPECIAL HASTA EL 31 DE MAYO ARREGLOS DE 50 ROSAS SÚPER PRECIOS contamos con gran variedad de diseños y lo mejor excelentes precios

To my best friend, my sounding board, my sister, the funniest/goofiest nigga, and my favorite dance partner. You already know how much you mean to me


Celebrating two of my favorite things today! My beautiful sister’s birthday AND national wine day! I hope this year is full of all the good stuff, I

Happiest Birthday to one of my realest mutuals in every sense of the way. You have had my back more times than I can ever count. From the outfits I


Celebrated my Rocco’s birthday today🎈

Happiest of birthdays to my dad — my fellow cheesy picture taker and the hardest worker I know. Cheers to another year! Love you! #happybirthday