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La fuerza de un equipo reside en cómo de unidos están...como los copos de nieve. #FelizMiércoles


Marktvorbereitung laufen auf Hochtouren ❤️❤️❤️Handgezeichnete Geschenke, Unikate, individueller geht's nicht, mit sehr viel ❤️

U need to get back to your yourself soon❤️❤️❤️❤️Time to re-learn & un-learn !!!Like! comment! Tag!Follow back @ :- @dr_spirituality

Wedding Story of @asraweddinggallery x @andhikasolehudin.Mua : @rinisugionomakeupHenna : @rinisugionomakeupAttire akad : @asraweddinggallery

Swapping my normal pretty headbands for running headbands, it is CHILLY ❄️🏃🏻‍♀️ ................ #igerswales #training

❤️ #моймалыш #мойзолотоймальчик #крутоймалой #потомучтонельзябытьнасветекрасивымтаким #my_babyboy #my_son_is_my_sun #happiness #myfamily #fashionboy #fashionboystyle #my❤ #like4likes #likeforlike #liketime

Tentang CINTA..Salah satu tanda bahagia yang dimana setiap manusia punya,tapi tak semua cinta membuahkan kebahagian,justru cinta terkadang dapat


Because when you don’t, boundaries are crossed every day of the week causing resentment. And what is the point in having people in your life who you

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy 🥰❤👸📸. #myjourney #myphoto #mylife

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Can you define “Happiness”?Sometimes you gotta be happy in adverse situations too! 💃🏻😬P.S. Miss Indian winters where you don’t even

Absolutely love collecting cushions for the sofa, I seem to find bargain cushions wherever I go! 🙊 I particularly love this combination of natural

Im Herzen des Seins – Meditations-Wochenend-Retreat 💗Man sagt: “Water is the driving force of all nature.”... und Meditation kann unsere


- Baulme-la-Roche - ..Hier matin nous étions sur les toits du monde occidentales. Une belle randonnée de 14km, à travers bois, avec de beaux

While waiting for the bus this morning I found a darker spot away from the street lights, so I could see the stars and the moon better. I was

My green thumb failed me for the first time this year and some of my plants shrivelled and died. I’m someone that puts a lot of heart into

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Post copy: Vomit smell coming from your kid’s room. Get rid of it in 3 simple steps #SaafBhiSimpleBhiGet the best hacks on the Cleanipedia website

Couldn’t be more true !!!! So many people think the training is the hard part and what you need to focus on to achieve results The TRUTH is it’s

ANXIETYMy daughter has had bad separation anxiety for school lately so we tried the hearts on our hands technique which worked well but the pen kept

ÄR 2020 DITT ÅR? .Starta det nya året med fokus på DIG! .Genom både mindfulness, qigong och mjuka yoga övningar tillåter du din kropp att sl

So Christmas is just right around the corner.🎄🎁 What are your plans this Christmas?😊👑•••••••• #singapore


❗️РУЧНАЯ РАБОТА👐🏻❗️Поспеши,такого КИНДЕРА ещё нет у твоего любимого человека. Заказывай Kinder 🎁 любимому тебе человеку 😉!Большой,вкусный, красивый подарок для тебя и твоих близких. 🎁🎊🎉По вопросам приобретения в лс. Есть в наличии. #minsk #belarus #kindersurprise #happybirthday #happiness #длядетей #деньрождения #беларусь #минск #беларусь #киндерсюрприз #подарки #оригинальныеподарки #оригинальныйподарок #девушки #дети #дочка #сын #доченька #эмоции #сыночек #минск #витебск #гродно #гомель #могилев #брест #беларусь #подарокнадр

💫Para cada persona el concepto de felicidad es totalmente diferente.💫Cada uno ☝️ lo encuentra en diversas fuentes, personas, objetos, metas

#stardomawards 💖..Keep watching kulfi kumar bajewala ( mon to fri ) at 8:30 pm on star plus tv @starplus ❤️..Follow ⬇️ @rn34_

見渡す限りの絶景☺︎・ #もう一つの空 #心の故郷・・的な感じにしたい。笑

Безумная гордость за тебя дорогой @pecheliev 🏆и это только начало🍾 Так держать!!!


Reporting to you live from planet Euphoria... It's meeeeee! Feeling like I can do anything. Happy Wednesday my lovelies!! Have a passionate week. You

No matter what you lost, or how you were hurt, there is no future for you in your painful memories. The past may have given you awareness, but it is

Noi alle prove ci divertiamo!La musica ci fa ridere, ci fa emozionare, ci unisce 🎤🎶Nothing will stop us from singing! #soundscool #friends

"People are often unreasonable, irrational and self-centered. Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives