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सुख....😇Imagine, Rain at workplace..😬😁.Current Situation.... Much Needed.. Summer Feels... #Summer #Hot #Air #Rain #Work

💙CORNER💙🙋 Who do you have in your corner....🍾 celebrate with you?.✨ provide support?.🙌 live life with you?.🙋 Did your

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.. BeYou 👌

El truco está en que mientras sepas quién eres y lo que te hace feliz, no te importe cómo te vean los demás 💫••••• #funny

Vamos todos a conquistar nuestros horizontes, con pasos firmes y llenos de fe, buenos días! Hoy estamos más fuertes que ayer, despeguemos con

You were not around as much as you said you were. I never needed you then and I don’t need you now. Im better without you but I do wish you well for

I May Not Dress Like The Females On Instagram 🤷🏽‍♀️ I Dress The Way I Want , and That's CASUAL 💋🗣️

No matter how long things have been going to the way you didn't want, the best feeling is to watch when things finally fall into place. #beyourself

Thank you so much Velammal Bodhi campus my lovable HM ma'am 🙏 valuable working experience certificate hard work never failed💪 glory to God 🙏

she is just another broken doll dreaming of a boy with glue

I decided I really wanted salads this week for lunches. I know I am crazy but my favorite part of a salad is onion. I try to get a piece of onion in

6 months of progress.. but what defines progress? Sure my face is slimmer, and I have a thigh gap, and I’m 25 lbs lighter. But what about my mindset

OOF @arynaazmel I'm done ahahahahaTHIS SUCKS GOOD LICK TRING TO READ MY FINGER WRITING MWAHAHAHAHAHAthis is to all the other otakus // gamers in the

Ed Sheeran vía Instagram ❤️✨ "Fui a leer mi libro en la punta de la montaña y @securitykev me tomó fotos sin que yo lo supiera, así que aqu

Every choice we make can be a celebration of the world we want ..... *💖*. #blissful.clicked by : @jibannayak... #happy #happydays #happyday


Жить надо так что би лицо сяяло от щастья а нe от хайлайтeра 😊😊😊 #lifestyle #happier #smile

''باپ کے سامنے عیاشی اور کمبوہ کے سامنے بدمعاشی بھول کر بھی مت کرنا'' #9mm

We met an artist. He just comes with his colors and starts drawing... Watching the way how his own world was made... He may be a homeless but great