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HEEII hier!💋super leuk dat je op ons acc bent wij gaan:-handletter kaartjes-stickers-logo visitekaartjes-snailmail-kaarten


A classic script in a convex border with smalt backgrounds makes for a beautiful combination. Peter McCullen, Sirocco Design Studio, Sandymount,


Buenos dias de Sábado☀Hoy me apetecía probar el plateado sobre cartulina negra y me ha flipado el resultado 😍 ..🖌 Metallic Kuretake (

Guten Morgen ihr lieben,ich hab mich gestern Abend mal hingesetzt und meine Skizze vom Meeting vor ein paar Wochen richtig umgesetzt 😊 Wie gefä

Yeah! It’s weekend guys. What are you all up to? We’ve got a farewell tonight. This dinner spread is probably one of the worst I’ve ever put

This is a collab with @studyingtiramisu !!! And it’s a super short movie review (of our favorite movies) and currently I’m in love with Marvel,

Sommerfest ist das 03/100, dass passte super zu Gestern. Da besuchten wir das Spielgruppen-Sommerfest von unserer Midi. Verrückt, sie wird in diesem

• 73/100 ••• “ Tu obra en la vida resulta ser tu seducción más absoluta. Pablo Picasso. “••••• Al final, no son los añ

Tristesse 😢 la page s’est arraché de mon carnet 😭 Je la garde à la fin car bien pratique d’avoir le rendu des couleurs quand je veux

#휴잇캘리.마음이 방황하면 불행합니다.이것저것 하느라 정신이 분산된상태에서는마음이 산란하고 불안이 뒤따르게 되는 것이죠.반면에 하고 있는 일에 집중하거나누군가와 밀도있는 공감대를 형성하고있을 때는 마음이 한결 편안하고 행복합니다...그래서 생각이 많아질 때이를 알아차리고 내려놓으려는 노력이 필요합니다.바쁘게 살다보면 이걸 놓칠 때가 많아요.한 번쯤 멈춰서 돌이켜 봐야 합니다.나는 지금 어디에 초점을 맞추고 있는지를요... #잠시멈추고나를챙겨주세요 #도연스님 #담앤북스 #에너지명상 #마음챙김 #일상의행복 #캘리그라피 #봉은사 #명상 #불교 #요가 @meditation_doyeon.. #휴잇 #글귀 #글 #캘리 #손글씨 #handlettering #일상 #daily #짧은글 #광주카페 #cafe #광주카페추천 #캘스타그램 #명언 #서포터즈 #추천도서 #독서

#saumyacreates ❤️SWIPE🌟❤️ ✨ Follow your passion .......🎈 ..We all have something that makes us feel alive, a passionate pursuit


When you become extra rajin to list down all the colours. My fav for now is the cobalt green🍏 Can't wait to do some projects with these pens

In a slightly different style than usual.My style calligraphy in Japanese.Art of Kanji.." 金魚 " Goldfish..独創的文字制作師。 #art


// took this and a lot more earlier this afternoon! 💓 thank you sm for the messages you guys sent regarding my first igtv vid!! i'm sooooo glad it

Kleine sneak peak van een artikel. Schetsen maken en deze uitwerken. Ik hou van het maken van de bloemen. ... #studiosigrid #handlettering

Yeah! Today is my 32th birthday 😏 Although I don't really care what my age is, today is a special day for me since is my first birthday as a mommy

Egunon, qué frase tan potente y tan "nuestra". Ayer me salió sin querer mientras practicaba, y decidí utilizarla 🙄. #handlettering

Have a great weekend everyone! ⭐️

Hi beauties🌼Finalmente la scuola sta finendo e le verifiche più difficili sono terminate✌😑Adesso mi dedico a me stessa❤··· #bujo

Oh flu...been on bed rest the past week so haven't been able to get much calligraphy practice in. But once I'm all better, super excited to get


Making marks, inky letters, expressive calligraphy - all part of WORD Week Five of the PaperLove online course, starting 17 June #handlettering

When God created woman he was working late on the 6th day. An angel came by and asked, ”Why spend so much time on her?”The Lord answered, “Have

JUGOS ~ Juice🥤 Hand pulled screen print for my show with @aleesha_n ‘Meet Me at the Market’. This B2 piece was influenced by some of the

• IN THE WILD • Thank you for sharing this beautiful pic of a @framed print! It was just the little pick me up I


20190525 5 minutes with a cup of coffee... Who is also writing a white book?... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... It helps me to get a more

[05/25/2019]Quote. • Hi!! I absolutely LOVE the new song by Taylor Swift. Normally I’m not that big of a fan of her music but ME! is amazing,

I like drawing and try to make that as a new habit.🎵Jeff -Monday

𝚖𝚊𝚢 24, 2019——Prince Ali from Ababwa ˎˊ˗Jurnal hari ini tentang film Aladdin. Baru kemarin nonton, tapi udah dibikin spread aja

Flourish it - Places. Q for Quebec. Swipe for end result.Something I’ll never forget is when I went to Canada. I was 18 years old and my uncle and

HeihoSekarang di tersedia frame hitam ukuran A5 dan A4For order 👉 DM or 0895320061179 (WA)Happy shopping🌸 #handlettering #spring


Who puts exams on a Saturday 😭 half way through now! Only 12 more days, 2 more exams and I’m finished at university forever 🙌🏼Inspo:

Some wise words for you today (actually they are probably more for myself 🙈 - but hopefully they'll help you too!!) A very good example for me is

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.Ephesians 2:10 NIV Day 25 of

[15/52] Inner Storm. Doing something a little different today and creating abstract art. I'm thinking of sharing these on my website www.calvinncube.