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Schlemmertorpf 🥖 this vintage beauty can be used for baking casseroles or bread. Or just use as a breadbox on your benchtop coz it’s so pretty!

Orecchini pendenti a cerchi martellati, in Oro Giallo18kt appena ultimati per una cliente di Copenaghen. La cliente desiderava da anni poter indossare

(English below) Получая продукцию EarthWalkers


Electricblue With Sauce💋Love it💖💖 Buy it 🤑🤑🤑 Wear it 👸👳👸👸 🙏💓😍💝🙋🌹💖💗 #supercute #royaltyhats

#Repost @nich_s_cafe• • • • • •Nich's Cafe-ณิช คาเฟ่-Namtarn less sweet


Get the kids outside for some good old fashioned fun. You'll find their funky teepees, swings, swags, ottomans, cradles and more at @swingznthings on

Finally finished our guestroom!Unser Gästezimmer ist endlich fertig!...Cupboard, stool, lamp are built by me. Schrank, Hocker, Leuchte von mir

Black buttero italian leather wallet 1 cash slot and 6 card slot.•E-mail : endless.handcraft @gmail.comLine : @endless.handcraft (with @)IG :

Black buttero italian leather wallet 1 cash slot and 6 card slot.•E-mail : endless.handcraft @gmail.comLine : @endless.handcraft (with @)IG :

Flugpost der anderen Art ✈️.. #buchbinderei #mitliebevonhandgemacht #handwerk #nachhaltig #clemmupdasoriginal #saalfelden #manufaktur

Inbox us for your bridal makeup, dress designing, photography inquiries, shoutouts & promotions.Follow @bridalphotography_Email:

✨SAY GOODBYE TO ACNES✨Acne is a skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. It often causes


No true stationery lover can pass up an interesting new envelope. And we don’t always post these away, do we? Use them to store documents, receipts

So beautiful and simple!New earings made from fresh water pearls and gold stainless steel. For more information and orders blease send me private

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- - - - -Vans Slip On + Sashiko Denim PatchworkAsanoha + Seigaiha + Hitomezashi PatternGoing to USA

Esta foto de mi preciosa @petracherry define como me siento 💤Estoy tremendamente cansada, trabajando durante todo mi tiempo libre en la próxima

questo tempo da lupi, niente di meglio di qualcosa di caldo. Che poi, il colore intenso di un bel tè oolong dentro le mie ciottarelle bianche, é na


Because, doing once was not enough, we made one more. A handmade gift beats everything.................... #stringart #nailart

Wear your channeling bracelet as your daily reminder, affirmation & inspiration. 🙌🏽.Tap for details.. #CharmsofHarmony #COH

New earings made from fresh water pearls and stainless steel. For more information and orders blease send me private message. 🙂.. #handcrafted

New earrings coming soon! Which one is your favourite - pearls or quartz crystal

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Blue vibes!Νέο χειροποίητο κολιέ και σκουλαρίκια με 15

🌑🌘🌗🌖moon phrases black ➖ white .• waxing Crescent •constructive magic attraction wealth / success friendship luck..

Chota Pakoda ✖️Cat Cafe StudioA part of the installations at @catcafestudio, we recreated their beautiful logo as a structure that acts as a

It rained all day yesterday - that cold chill, the sight of all the fall leaves and the subtle smell of my handwhipped autumn love fragrance.

Too much sauce💋Love it💖💖 Buy it 🤑🤑🤑 Wear it 👸👳👸👸 thank u @ama_vibrant for rocking r brand


- - - - -Going to USA 🇺🇸 Vans Slip On + Sashiko Denim PatchworkJapanese Sashiko Pattern

Flower 🌸 Power | ..Wore this @suta_bombay sari paired with a floral crop top with layered sleeves to the birthday party of a one year old baby

Black mangalagiri cotton, unstiched blouse with very fine banjara embroidery work. This is a single piece collection. For price DM.....

Inspired by nature...pretty and feminine...our floral touch platinum and diamond ring is classically romantic and one of our faves 🌸💍 This

Here is another one of my new Yowah Boulder Opal pendant necklaces, hanging from a Tanzanite cabochon. The beads on the strap are Kyanite, Apatite

NEW!!!.Crystal and Leather🌟.3 row leather wristband made of crystals stones and zircones.Işıltılı, pırıl pırıl, rengarenk bir hafta

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Without mic #handmade, #ceramics, #ceramic, #clay, #handcrafted, #instapottery, #plate, #handmadeceramics, #decoration, #ceramicart, #ceramique,