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Haters going to hate! @ssamanthaaprice repping over 315lbs like it’s nothing.•Also, we are planning a strategy to put her on the NPC bikini

Só uma palinha do treinão da @patypower_fit 🔝🔝🔝....Dream Team sãomiguelito apresenta: Camisa 👚 🔟 do avião ✈️

Chegou também, shorts saia. 🤩 TAM: M/G R$40,00 💰 Pagamentos Depósito bancário, cartão crédito e débito. 💳.........

#海狗延展式瘦腹瑜伽它在纖細腰身、手臂方面確實功效非凡。在練習時,仔細體驗手臂及腹部、腰部、膝關節及腿部的感覺,因為這些部位都是感覺的刺激點。另外,此式不僅具有伸展舒緩、刺激腹部的作用,同時對告別惱人的「小肚肚」也很有幫助。所以有「游泳圈」的人可以多練習此式。 #tension #instamuscle #swolfie #gymshark #muscle #muscles #deadlift #gym #fitnessfactory #exercise #training #lifestyle #diet #fitness #bodybuilding #aesthetic #shredded #aestheticrevolution #nevergiveup #gay #gayboy #健身工廠中清廠

🐉 OHP 140 for 6 reps 👌🐉 Sorry I haven’t posted much lately but deloads are full of boring footage no one wants to see 😴🐉 Yes I got

I’ve only been getting back in the leg game coming off boot camp and MCT, so today was not a bad accomplishment worked my way up to 275 with band

When you feel like showing what u got 💁🏻‍♂️ Vs Get your eyes off me 🤨 Same person, 2 different mood

Mushoo has only bit me ONCE lmao! Yup that's how I will start! 👍🏾! He has since apologized and loves our wake💨💨💨 and bake💨💨💨

A T H L E T I C S 🏃🏻‍♀️ is a foundation sport, giving children the fundamental skills of running, jumping and throwing that are

ME Lower:Seated SSB GM: 515 (1st vid)Squats: 3x2 @ 525lbs (2nd vid)Belt Squats: 4x10Rack pulls: 3x3Banded hamstring curlsStanding band crunches

Arriésgate sin temor a ganar 🌹🌹🤗

NO TIME TO HAVE BREAKFAST?WHY don't you try our optimal breakfast products.EASY to make in a few minutes. Full of important vitamins and minerals・・・🚨IMPORTANTE🚨Estamos comprometidos con nuestros clientes por lo que tu entrega tiene que estar llegando entre 3 y 7 d

🤔¿QUÉ?Aminoácidos.🙄¿CUÁNDO?Durante y/ó después de tu entrenamiento.🤨¿PARA QUÉ?Recuperación y desarrollo muscular.▶️La

I'm on paceI figured out this shit ain't no raceUp the stakesGot hungry, then I scrape the plate...Making my return to the stage at Fight to

feeling on 🔥 🧚🏻‍♂️

Seja você mesmo, todas as outras personalidades já têm dono! 😉😍💎................ #boanoite #sabadin #boracasaraamiga


COFFEE TIME ☕I took this photo during our castle tour. It was one of the most beautiful trips in my life. (;So far I planned all the trips, but

ON DADDY'S DESK 😝My lovely boyfriend's dream is to have his own office-workshop in our house. I will sometimes disturb him at work hihi

💯. Nice with some evening workout 💪 now relax to liverpool match ⚽️🙏..

💯. Early training after a nice good weekend 🤪🤘🙏..

💯.Early training after a nice weekend ☀️🤘🙏..