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A #tbt for you guys! Also take this as my petition to get a guinea pig emoji 💭


So, we had a very unexpected evening last night. When arriving home I noticed we had an extra guinea pig. Our little morphy must have been pregnant

Life is good when you have corn husk to chew on! 🌽

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Dirty, it’s old

Sharing is Caring: Death Metal Edition 🥗💀 (sound on for ultra intense eatin🤘)⁣⁣Only two more days until Curly Girl and Bean Bag go to


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Peach 🍑

little pumpkin 🥰


Just because it’s been too long since I shared these cuties!! They are both still very skittish and timid, but they LOVE anything fresh I feed them

Here she goes again😂 SOUND ON to here the other girls talking🔊(once again Lottie is not sorry about the mess she's made

Lady wartet meistens an der Gehegetür auf die tägliche Portion Salat. ..Übrigens ist die süße Maus nach Sansas Wolf aus Game of Thrones benannt


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Licking and popcorning!!❤•Cindy is so adorable and beautiful girl and guess what...SHE IS HAVING BABIES!!♡we think she is going to give

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Guinea Pig #guineapigcarrotwww.guineapig101



Guinea Pig #oneeyedguineapig #guineapigeyes #guineapig101

#tbt hi from heaven 👋🏻✨ missing my family and friends. Always watching over all of you. You too Jane😂🥰 #guineapigsofig

Is that the weekend I see!😀 •••Tap for more ♞•Carrot Crew Tagged• @snickersandblinders @justthenakedtruth @smith_cavies

The dill monster returns! #Leo——————The 3 Couch Potatoes!Geo, Jax & Leo - saving the world, on the couch, one bite at a time


Being a princess isn't all it's cracked up to be.Princess DianaHope your weekend is going swell!CREDIT: @simplypeggysue___________________

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Apparently the blueberry I had in my hand wasn’t as good as the strawberry he could get himself. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Never be ashamed of your massive chin fluff that covers your legs ok 👌😁❤◇●◇🐾 Our pawtners @lexiislittlepiggies

Piggy sisters ✨ meet Pluto and Pebbles!! 1st slide is Pluto.2nd slide is Pebbles.