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Spring has sprung around here! All the trees have flowers and there is a nice breeze today.^Follow our bunny siblings @vail.and.tobyFollow our

Meet Gimli. 🐹 Pippin's new friend. Introductions hopefully as soon as tomorrow but we'll see!(No those aren't our pine shavings, it's what the

i’m turning TWO!!! 🥳🥳

daddy, mom says if I successfully wake you up i’ll get my treats 😊

Behold, perfect lump of fat fluff . Did you catch that 😉 ?...Don't forget to follow:➡ @guineapig.insta___ 😎✅ 😍 ✅🐶💓 🌸 Tag

Friday called. She’s on the way and she’s bringing the party 🤗DoubleTap & Tag a Friend Below⤵💋😍💟🙏 Plz Follow us - @guineapig

Flashback Friday from when I was hanging out with my friends Woody and Jessie 🤗 who’s excited about Toy Story 4?

Life as a pregnant piggy is tough. Blitz and snickers are getting along during flood time just not in the cage. •••Tap for more

I’d like to introduce to you my new cousin, Miss Jane Rose 🌹 she lives in Alaska with my Aunt @nenowling. Isn’t she beautiful?•••

The pigs are peacefully enjoying their hay!!🌾🐾🐹 ~ For the upcoming week i won't be as active on this account since i'm having school exams

Told ya I was saving that for later 😋😋___GuineaDad, helping piggies live their lives to the fullest___Repost by @guineadad

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Dinner time

Little mummy cuddle me when she is with her computer 🙈...If you want to be my pawtner, MD me!!....Go to follow my lovely pawtners

Getting snuggly ❄ via @pipcast───────────────────» Let's spread the love. Tag a guinea-loving friend!»

“I like laying in my poop”

"Hello. look at me"Tag a friend who would like this picture 👯 👇..If you have one, please comment or DM for me 💬If you want it. Follow us

Tiny Tilly! 💖She is just the cutest 😍Today she's been getting more confident with me and her pig dad. She happily came out for cuddles and

★ ChiChi the flounder.★★

The babies are getting so big now!😮