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Olá Pigamigos!! Dormiram muito hoje? Esperamos que tenham aproveitado muito o domingo de vocês para comer a semana com a pata direita🥰🐹.


Die Schutzhütte ist bei der Meerschweinchen-Aussenhaltung essentiell. In unserem ausführlichen Artikel über Ställe und Schutzhäuser erfährst du


Our Hazel has a lump on her abdomen and bloody discharge from a nipple. She also has a very worried family and a vet appointment. Send good vibes for

Meet Bean! She’s our new baby guinea pig. And she is very baby - born on April 30th, she’s not even 4 weeks old yet. She was born at

Negrito también tuvo su ida al veterinario ( ) ayer. Y fuera de todo pronóstico, se porto muy bien 🐹💓. #guineapig

Tito is working on a perfume for guineapigs. It’s called “rose d’or’ the golden rose. He is in the prototype phase at the moment doing some


A carrot a day... or maybe more than one🥕

This is Hope, she will be coming home with us next week. I’m travelling to the other side of Scotland to get her. We’re all looking forward to her

First picture: Me, taking pictures of that cute butt! 🍑😂Second picture: Her, annoyed at me taking pictures of her butt! 🙈 No apologies Pig


I ate too many pellets and got a UTI 🤷🏻‍♀️ ugh! but don’t worry I’m still happy & healthy as ever 🌿♥️ *side note from my mom*

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Up to no good as always


More happy popcorns, TT zoomies, wheeks, and Gran-Gran burping in the background cos she drank too much @fynodereedistillery gin -- don't judge, I'm

I’m absolutely in love with mommy’s face in these pics ❤️❤️ Ps. She kissed my face (like Koetje always used to do) during snuggle time

Guinea pig

We have been requested to do this for a while, and we're so excited to finally bring to you our mini-series on How To Train Your Guinea Pig. In this


Oh-ow it’s almost monday again! 😱😅Wishing you all a nice week 😘😘••➡️follow us ❤️•• #guineapig

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