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How is your Day so far?....😊~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_

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Turk.... behind the Hay🤭❤️~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_

Disputing the last piece of Kale.....🤭💖~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_

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Here are two Boys Desperate for Hay like they haven't had any for years..🤦~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies

Bruno.~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_~~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~

How to escape from a Photoshoot By. Bruno🤭❤️...................................~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals

One on one time, learning what this boy like 😊, looks like chin rubs are his favorite..❤️~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals

Not on my head 😒 homan......chin rubs yeaaa I like it better 🥰❤️~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies

Bruno & Zeus...We started boxing, as big Boys we want To train hard and our first fight was a success..Mom's thinks we looks Cute....🤭❤️.

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❤️🌹Lisa🌹❤️~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_

❤️Turk❤️Fiona❤️Lisa❤️~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_

A full tummy and a very comfortable flat piggie.....🥰~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21


This is Cookie she is on Pregnancy watch enjoying some celery treat while checking weight~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals

Lisa and Turk fighting for their vitamin C....🤦🏻‍♀️😅❤️~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies

Just having fun editing, this is our entry to @piggyy_princesses ChallengeTheme: JungleOn the Edit this time is Zeus~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~

Happy Friday!!!!....❤️❤️~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_

I heard something!!! ... is that food ???~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_

Bruno DeCavy Founded Guilty of Teaching Bad Behavior to a minor ,Look at next photos as Proof of Charges•How to chew the cage •Stealing Hay from

Lady Fiona smelling some treats..😋~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_


Betty in Wonderland.....👸❤️This is our entry to @piggyy_princesses weekly challenge....Theme: " Fantasy "~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my

Hi there 👋😊.....❤️~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_

This is Oliver he is currently living with Whiskers this boys meet each other here . They will be ready for adoption soon

Whiskers and his buddy will start to look for a family really soon......❤️~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies

It's 5 o'clock somewhere..🕔🎶🎵☺️❤️.Repost from May 28, 2018~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies


After his great success on Titanic, Bruno DeCavy makes his appearance on the red carpet ... On his favorite motorcycle .....😎P/D...It seems that

❤️❤️Caesar ❤️❤️~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What a stretch!!......🧘🏻‍♂️❤️~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_

❤️❤️ Domino ❤️❤️~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_

Second entrance to @piggyy_princesses challenge; this week ..."Film/TV show Character 🎥🎞️🎬.Starring: "Bruno DeCavy

Bruno & Zeus.....Like always when we do photo shoots the Pea Flakes from @thenaturalcavy are the best to keep them busy

🐰❤️🐰❤️🐰 Petunia 🐰❤️🐰❤️~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_

Caesar ...🐰❤️🐰❤️~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Happy Easter!! From all the @guinea_pigsislands gang...🐰❤️🐰❤️~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies


We are participating on the @piggyy_princesses weekly challenge , this week theme "Spooky" ... our entry ➡️......."Betty's nightmare....we run out

Zeus 😎.......❤️~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A Shy Boy......🥰 Domino~~~~~~~~~❤️~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_

Little Whiskers is trying @thenaturalcavy Pea Flakes and he Approved..❤️~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies

Happy Wednesday!!......❤️~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Betty loves Oranges...🍊😜..P/S Sorry for the back sounds our heater is a little weird~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals


This Beautiful Lady is 5 year old, She come yesterday it is so sweet❤️..., her piggie pal passed so I'll be giving her company really soon

Ollie (Dad ) with a little bit of white on his head is two years old & Finnley (Son) one year old . Ones of our New Fosters

Have seven Surrenders yesterday, this is Whiskers (White &Gray) his about 2/3 month and he just meet Oliver 4 weeks old, because both are really young

❤️ Cookie & Kara❤️~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

❤️Cookie &Kara❤️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Updates on our Foster Girls, Cookie (on Pregnancy Watch) She is more Curious and Dominant, she is enjoying her kale .Kara looking from the Back She is

❤️Caesar❤️....I'm enjoying my foster home but I'm really shy , slowly trusting on humans Although any sound that I do not know scares me

Caesar and Domino first time accepting food from my hand..😭❤️❤️this Foster boys are really shy and freak out each time they ear something