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weekends are for doing nothing ❤️


-Sugar's tongue


Mini Pig sneaking some pallets from pot while sitting on my boot. #gooperville #guineapigs #cavy #guineapigsofinsta #outdoorswithguineapigs

Sweet Reggie always like to be as close as poss to his neighbours even when he sleeps! 😴 shame they can't get along without the bars between them

Feeding the guinea pigs we are babysitting for the weekend from daycare. These little fellas love their veggies and my son has loved looking after

monch monch monch💚-hey! today i let daisy do a little bit of free roaming in a small area, i think she enjoyed it🤩☆☆☆☆Pawtners

On our last night in Peru, we stopped at a little market an hour-ish outside Cusco. We saw the traditional method of making and dying alpaca wool, and


When I'm drivin' in my car, and the man come on the radioHe's tellin' me more and more about some useless informationSupposed to fire my imagination

難得的合照,平常都是我抓火腿沒有手拍照今天難得可以合照真的太感動了🐷🐷. ‎☆━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━☆. #モルモット #guineapig #天竺鼠 #ハーフモデル #豚鼠 #くま #ハムちゃん #teddybear #ハーフ #cute #guineapigs #guineapiglove #可愛い #cavylove #guineapiggy #guineapiglife #モルモットのいる生活 #エキゾチックアニマル #アビシニアンモルモット #ふわもこ部



Passion Tunnel 😘😍

To ulykkelige jenter har fått hver sin sele med bånd. Jeg tror dem hatet mig når dem måtte prøve selene i innhengningen. .. #marsvin #guineapigs


Having a little fight this morning 😂 ___________________________________________________......Pawtners tagged 💗. #guineapig #guineapigs

Świniaczki są jeszcze trochę zaspane, ale nie długo się to zmieni. Paulinhka chce jeszcze po spać, natomiast Barcelona jest prawie gotowa do

Diva, did any of that actually get in your mouth? 🤔

We also have Rosie & Tilley staying with us for the next week! It's almost a full house! 💙💜💜

Photo taken seconds before disaster. The disaster being her nonchalantly scooting her butt off the edge of my desk to pressure wash my bag of makeup


Some days we have the most amazing weather 💛 So Chespin got the chance to go outside in her fluffy cuddlesack 😍 and eat some strawberry leaves!

Introducing our new Guinea Pigs! After a vote on facebook they have been named Jack and Victor


The morning routine, including popcorns, rumbles, a freshly trimmed Wooly Pig and the last remnants of hay box number 1. So, maybe, buying 3 boxes was

Say hello to these gorgeous faces TOMORROW at Kingsbury Drive Community Market! 👋Forever Friends is delighted to be hosting an Adoption Day and