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Ginny closed her eyes for the first time in front of me! This is such a big step as it means shes very comfortable around me which is good! #guineas

Love a night time cuddle 💗————————————————————......Pawtner @crazygplady 💗. #guineapig

One of my sisters has a gross skin disease called “ring worm” so both my sisters needed a bath with special medicine and are in quarantine until

チェだよぉ。オレオとくるん対決したんだぁ。ねね、どっちがじょうずにできたぁ?・オレきゅんでし!チェの兄貴にはまけないでし!速さはオレきゅんが勝利だとおもうでし!・・ #くるん対決 #軍配はいかに #チェック #オレオ #一芸 #モルモット #クレステッドモルモット #アビシニアンモルモット #巻き毛モルモット #モルモット好きな人と繋がりたい #モルモットがいる生活 #モルモットがいる暮らし #guineapig #guineapigstagram #guineapigslove #guineapiglover #guineapigs

Spam of my girls enjoying their favourite past time 💕 who needs filters when your piggies are this perfect?! ✨... #snacktime #willow

🐹 oh yes...the neck rubs are the best 🐹————————————————— #モルモット #mypet

Hooman when is summer gonna be here!? 😳😵😂😆😆😃😃————————Follow our amazing pawtners @4lilpiggiez @iboughtazoo21

I know this isn't a great quality picture, but... just look at her little face 😂😂 she's like 'YAY melon'!! 😃... #sillypig #guineapigs

Mmm Oxbow treats. Yarrow and Basil's favorite Oxbow product is probably the Simple Rewards Treats Baked with Carrot & Dill, which is what they are

Here's wee Sylvie eyeing up our new Meadow Hay...thankfully humans (even toddlers) rate the ‘paleo diet’ considerably higher than the ‘rabbit

My little Hippo 🦛.......Betty~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_

hi guys. i’m Kiki and all i do is eat. mummy created this ig for me and my sister, Kali, but she’s more shy not like me, a talented piggie born

Waiting for food.....😜~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow my Piggie Pals @denewethpiggies @iboughtazoo21 @bolotas_de_amor_~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ending a long day like... 😴

Another doodle for the day/my guinea pig cheers me up no matter what mood I’m in.

Hoomie...he's nice and all but...can u tell him that he can't eat our snacks?? Cuz it would bother us much much 😣(Pepe isn't eating well right now


Swipe👈So I haven't done any surveillance since Chazi and Nyxi left this realm with their family.. but today while feeding them the sun came

More doodles as part of mental health day/break I took today! Hope you get a laugh out of it too!When you walk in the room to get something... not

PALS!!! these niteangel fun balls are such a hoot!!! penny LOVES pushing them around the room & throwing them in the air!! they come in a pack of 3 &

Hope everyone is having a great Spring Break! 👌💞💞 Here are some pig’s photobombing each other + a bonus Mosley pig ---❤️ #guineapig

Again, more doodles as part of my mental health day/break.More of Popeye, my guinea pig!

little loves of my life. I miss you 🐁💜🐁💜🐁 ____________________________________________________ #mine #photography #photos

Hello! I’m the crazy guinea pig lady behind this account. It all started about 2 1/2 years ago when we brought home our first piggie. Now I’m kind

When guinea pig owners go on vacation, they go and see piggies to deal with missing their own. The Nashville Zoo has an awesome guinea pig exhibit

🐹 oh did I hear snacks package being opened? 🐹 ————————————————— #モルモット #mypet