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Where’s the pellets?.We always play this game of finding the pellets. And Udon is always the first. Need more challenging game next time

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Guinea pig lover ...New fleece liner? Curious piggy~~~~~~ *Follow my instagram if you love 😍 guinea pig : ➡ @welove_guinea_pig_ 👫Love to


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Tripp is fast asleep.. 😴 She loves sleeping here with her head propped up on the ramp rail. 🥰

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Samuel XIV, Monarch of Skinny Pig Dynasty, King of Pigsville in all his glory. @tattoosillustrate 🤴🏼 Yes I hand-sewed this Edwardian collar for

Another month without this baby. We miss Oreo every single day. Here’s a precious video of him from May 2018, fresh out of the bathtub 🛁🧼💙

Painful post, but time to announce that both Olaf and Zack have passed away. 🙏🏼 Olaf had been battling pneumonia and heart disease for over 2


Baby Lilo

Guinea pig love ...,For anyone wondering how Little Butters is doing with her new herd - here’s a clip from this morning!*Follow my instagram if

Ray (left) & Moo (right) enjoying the sun. Safe to say they aren't the outdoorsy type 😄 They're still up for adoption through @doggysmilesrescue

It appears that I have a very grumpy Munchie on my hands today 😂 Still hasn’t forgiven me for clipping his nails this morning. Can you tell


🚨Get ready for nasty surgery pictures!!!!🚨84% voted HELL YEAH!!! So here they come!!!The vet send me photos of the surgery. Im happy I got

Guinea Pig #oneeyedguineapig #guineapigeyes

Ab durch die Mitte🐹Hey #murmelbande💝 Das ist das letzte Bild aus dieser Reihe, ich hoffe es hat euch gefallen🙈Ich würde mich freuen, wenn


Bubbles ❤️•Sorry das die letzten Tage nichts kam, aber ich war nicht da. Nun bin ich wieder da und werde wieder regelmäßig Bilder posten

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When you’ve eaten too much & just need a nap 🤣🤣 - Digger 🐹

New bed is Billie approved ✅✅ (Yes this is meant to be a cats bed)....————————————————— #guineas #guinea

Farmstay canceled .Call up the farm today n was told no pets in the chalet. 😢 . My mobile cage got no cover and there’s predators around. So no


Спросим у Гугла: "Продолжительность жизни морских свинок в среднем — около 7—8

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