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It’s not where you’re currently at, it’s where you end up that counts. ‼️•Plan, process, execute and enhance your skill set. This

And I wanna thank youFor being,The one thing that's ever trueAnd I wanna thank youFor being the stillnessIn all I view. #grateful #embrace

Love the feels after we leave the gym!!! Helps me to alleviate stress from a long day!! What’s your favorite stress relief workout? •••

LeBron shows love and congratulates #ChrisBosh ahead of his jersey retirement tonight in Miami 🙏 👑 #WitnessKingJames•Follow @Witness.King.

Congratulations to March “Learn2Shop” winner👏🏾🎉 He’s Mechanicville native so you know it touched my heart🙌🏾. He’s a Honor roll

What we have here is a home made chicken and biscuits. I used spinach and chicken and onions along with a chicken based cream sauce......

First day of building my legacy... 1 day at a time. Here's to achieving greatness 🧘🏻‍♀️ The universe will guide my manifestations

Imagine it, dream about just make sure you work at it. Your visions keeps you intact 😏 #GeesInk

I Take A Shot, If I Miss Then Im Gettin Them Boards, Ain’t Quittin No More, Like Give Me Some More. After Wtf I Juz Went Thru In There Wit My

This is the shit I be telling my children.... no games when it comes to there future ..... we out this bitch 1 way or another.... in unity....even if

This is why it’s your MORAL OBLIGATION to Improve.

#TroopBeverlyHills is celebrating its 30th anniversary. As a kid, this movie taught me how to dream.... I really believed I could “make it bigger

Non c'è niente al mondo che farei io senza te perché io non ti cambierei nemmeno per, nemmeno per un milione!26.03.1955 - 26.03.2019 #father #dad

•Failures are a good thing. They help you grow!•What was your biggest “growth” failure?•❤️ Bullseye CreationZ - Living Life

This Smile🙂 and Happiness Will Follow Me Everywhere I Go...💋😂😁😏 #90Days2Success #90DayGrind #LetsConnect #LetsGoGetEm

Everyone has a purpose-Don’t think for a second that you were placed on this earth for no reason-Just because you haven’t found your purpose

Fear Is an Illusion, Here Is Why. ... Freeing your mind from your fears is a crucial step to success. Strictly speaking, detaching yourself from your

I love going out and being social but sometimes I need some time to gather my thoughts once again. This retrograde has definitely got me being a lil

Tonight I found myself at a wine tasting in a former school (now 5*hotel) & the writing was on the wall ... @club_vino_uk What sayings have made

7 months until showtime and I will show you something amazing!!!I put in hard work every day and stay focused on my goals.I am so lucky too have

If you know me, you know. It's Teddy Pendergrass Day! #Repost @funklife4ever• • • • •Come here, people!!Looks like we have another

One of the hardest challenges any one of us may face is taking that first step. That changing dreams into reality, and executing our goals. All of us

NEW BLOG POST‼️ Click the link in bio to read a piece focused on embracing negative experiences and utilizing it for your benefit. ✨••“

Am a very humble and loyal talented artist, people who know me knows that, #EAZYTOTHEWORLD #PHTOTHEWORLD🇳🇬🇺🇸🇯🇵🇰🇷🌍 #p-

Thanks so much for the love showed to me last night I'm so so happy for all my fans round PH u guys all wonderful, I thank God fot my life my career

With my cool EAZY vibes last night was full and lit. music is life. #EAZYTOTHEWORLD #PHTOTHEWORLD🇳🇬🇺🇸🇯🇵🇰🇷🌍

With my cool EAZY vibes last night was full and lit. music is life. #EAZYTOTHEWORLD #PHTOTHEWORLD🇳🇬🇺🇸🇯🇵🇰🇷🌍

Iwai karilam pemezi, Davido can speak ikwerre oo, with the port Harcourt first son, Duncan. Wene mighty meka meka meka meka, @davidooffcial

Shout out to all my fans for showing me love like never before, at Wazobia FM pH 9years anniversary, JE JE banging higher #Eazyforthegirsls P-rachi

As u enter dis month i declar peace, favour, mercy, help 4rm above,upliftment to d highest level,unending grace, soundhealth,great wealth.happi new