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#RootsoftheSpirit podcast 🎧 has gained NEW listeners from Jamaica, Mexico, Ireland, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Norway, Russia

Healing! First picture taken since two surgeries almost 2 weeks ago. One to remove skin cancer, another for a plastic surgeon to put it back together


Good Morning ☀️✨Life is better when you are laughing 😃Have a blessed weekend my lovely people


Words can’t even express how much of a better man I am because of @mrs.tangiemac and the way she unconditionally loves ALL of me. We fight, we fuss

Today was a good day. Bexy turned 4. He ate French toast at breakfast with hands. The day ended asleep with Pluto on the coach with his mommy

So easy to find gratitude on a beach Shabbat evening; #grateful for the ocean and it’s vastness🌊, grateful for the sabbath bride 🕯🕯, and

Les `` décideurs '' ne sont pas des humains à part .Si ce n'est pas la pression qui fait trembler `` leurs pouvoirs '' , leurs peurs les poussent

Intuitive Holistix South Jersey reached 1000 likes on Facebook! "Woohoo! We reached 1,000 likes on Facebook! To show our gratitude we are giving away

Even though I graduated at the beginning of June, I feel like this makes it even more official!! So proud of myself for becoming a Nutritional Therapy


Welcome to the Healing Office, a space to nurture your body, mind, and soul system. We hope you enjoy it. Thank you for following us!

Always maintain an attitude of gratitude, because someone, somewhere may be facing a challenge far worst than your own.To often, we focus on where we

○●•《-》•●○..First day of the Thai Yoga Massage training was beautifully unexpected. I'm blown away by @jenniferyarro 's depth,

Studio day number 2! Getting to lay down our final takes on our 3 song studio record! Guitars are wrapped up and now we are burning the evening oil


I had so much fun with my oldest son, @boyer_brendan the last few days. We got to tour Boise a bit yesterday and today, and then we hit up

Thank you Frank for sharing your story. It is always a pleasure talking with you. Thank you all for listening.... #aisforalcoholic #soberiety

#🦁♥️💪 #weekendvibes May the universe grant us 🌏, in abundance of ♥️ & being present to #life 🙃🥊.•Dwell on the #beauty of

Magic is is not only about techniques, but how to transcend the magical feel to your spectator is and captivating them into the magical experience.


🦉You’on know who swimmin naked til the tide come in 🤲🏽 #grateful

Always maintain an attitude of gratitude, because someone, somewhere may be facing a challenge far worst than your own.To often, we focus on where we

I have looked at this door for years and wondered, “how?” Then recently I wondered “when?” Today, I feel a lot of joyful relief and immense

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Ordered Tuesday arrived today. Seriously? And I only pay the basic $3.99 shipping. #loveyoudoterra ♥️..💙DigestZen - all things digestive,

Telrad is proud to be providing custom telephony solutions for an exceptional Client – Clarkdale Volkswagen. @ClarkdaleVWWe are thrilled to


When I came across this photo I was reminded of a worry free/stress free moment. So for now, in the midst of planning & all things not so stress free

There is no greater sense of satisfaction than a job well done. I am so grateful to be able to work in a profession that I am passionate of. Many

Fruita Thursday Night Concerts ❤️ So incredibly blessed to live in this beautiful place with fun summer concerts every Thursday night! Love to


When one of your FAVORITE brands A) Uses your photo, and B) Quotes your caption, is a GREAT day! Thank you @lauragellerbeauty for the mention

It was a fun evening on the water with these ladies, lots of laughs and even a bit of piracy!I also received this message, it remind me of how lucky

Type “Yes!” If You’re Ready! 💵💰💸🌟🌟 @lawofattractionlive🌟For More LOA Check Out:🌟 #manifest

I read things like this in relation to work/career and whilst funny I no longer relate. You don't have very long on this earth, don't do anything

All the special unforgettable feels right here....and there may have even been a few tears shed too 💗 but ssshhhh 😉..As promised, here are a

I Would Happily Be Martyred for 'The World', Anyday.Everyday We Have the Chance to Better Love Ourselves & One Another.Life is Hard, but The

It’s funny because I never used to be a homebody I always wanted to get up and get out of the house . That’s changed. Some by choice and some not

I’ll calm down eventually, fall back eventually, please call me back eventually