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Even in the midst of construction chaos, these babies are still going strong!

life update: quit my job last Monday on a whim, ive become an owner of an allotment & i am struggling with how to dig, switched all my beauty products

something very powerful i read recently by N Zebian: "Your words can be more healing than any kind of medicine. They can be more toxic than any kind

it's just better to always be the better person & make your intentions pure. what and who you are is what you'll attract, what you'll maintain. pain

Saw had veganerella on their menu so had to check it out 🧀 it was like walking into a subway that does pizza 🍕 you choose the base

180108 "William Skakespeare" accelerating north out of Darlington after allowing 1E14 and 1O40 to use North Junction and enter the station - service

"For their is in London all that life can afford." 📸British archiecture is everywhere, I tell you!• #potd #photo #photography

Fact: Roughly 750k people pass through Grand Central each day, and every last one of them is somehow in your way........... #grandcentral

Looking for a delicious way to celebrate #InternationalWaffleDay? Lucky for our residents, we’re located by some of NYC’s best restaurants like

The New York hustle never ends 📰...Be sure to check out @thecreatorsmind_ for the newest episode of the @j.o_creatives podcast featuring me! If

Lunch is the best hour of the day.

Single Leg Banded Deadlift💙 slight bend in the single leg stance side💙 make sure you contract through the glute in single leg stance side

1,454 feet and 102 stories above Manhattan, you’ll spy this famous NYC icon 🏙 It doesn’t get more ‘New York’ than that. 📸: @giannasong

Photos of subway trains being repurposed as artificial reefs in the Atlantic (by @mallonfilms) now on view @nytransitmuseum's Grand Central Annex

Things I believe in:⁣⁣•the power of the stars, the sun, & the moon. (I love this ceiling of NYC’s Grand Central station painted with the

Indulging in a good, old fashioned #cthiatus 😆😎🤗

Time passes and the city never sleeps.

Ahh...NYC. 😍 After a both relaxing and thrilling time away in VT, then MTL, it felt good comin' back home to face the daily grind. Guess there's

I rarely come to Grand Station, such a beautiful architecture! I’m on my way to visit the latest Roche-Bobois showroom that opened in North-America

*had to repost bc I accidentally deleted my pics* me: *on my phone and looking at some crazy person from across the street*... the usual nbd

*had to repost bc I accidentally deleted my pics* “Sometimes you need to step outside, get some fresh air, and remind yourself of who you are and