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“Sharp Shooter”Gouache 4” x 6”Gouache seems to be the perfect media to get developed ideas within an hour or two. .... #gouache

Hello everyone! I've been working on this piece "Star Child" for the past week! It's been tough keeping my patience but I was finally able to finish

What does it say about me that each day I want to start a new painting rather than finish the one from the day before (and I even like how yesterday

My baby in gouache!! He really likes nibbling on snake plantsCheck out his Instagram @sailorzecatboi #cat #gouache

//Goldfish Spirit// ⁣⁣Inspired by a chakragraph where my spirit animal is currently a goldfish. If you think about it fish swim through an

🐱han🐱REALIZED after finishing that I did the outfit COMPLETELY WRONH. sorry Pinterest. Anyways hi @gnomicgabby it’s. Jeonham. Yeah. Jeoangghan

You attract the right things when you have a sense of who you are.Before art. NothingAfter art. The cat. 🐈 😂•••• #michiganartist

daily meditation - this painting is inspired by one of my recent morning runs. I usually run no less than 5 miles and like to be sure at some point

To all my fellow Worrywarts💙🙏🏽 “Don’t Worry” 9x12 in. Watercolor and Gouache on Paper.Inspiration for this piece is Matthew 6:25-34

Full Moon Inspiration 🌕 “Art does not reproduce the visible but makes it visible."- Paul Klee, Above the Mountain Peaks, 1917. Gouache on paper

Korok wip. Love these little guys so much 🌿🍁🍂If you like this piece I just posted this on my art account @papermegpie Give me a follow

"What do you think of this?".By @yeuujjn.Animation inspiration: @twineanimationUI Inspiration: @TwineUIDesignDesign inspiration: @jointwine

Another one! Feels good to be creative, and the process feels rewarding. It’s nice to finish things.....(I always think art won’t help me be

Bob Ross, season 10 episode 4, done in gouache. I enjoyed this so much I might just have to do it again. This is a little card size about the palm of

정원에 아네모네가 피었는데반쯤 핀 연한 그린이 너무 예뻐서 그리고 있어요.시시각각 모양이 변하니생화 보고 그릴 때는 늘 마음이 조급해요.그래서 주로 처음에 사진을 찍어두고꽃을 먼저 그린 뒤 잎을 그린답니다.ㆍㆍ #벌써금요일 #꽃샘추위 #아네모네 #열무꽃그림가게

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It's officially spring, but I'm still remembering winter. Winter Field. Gouache on clayboard. 6x6 inches.

found this reference photo on pinterest and it has been on my art bucket list for a while, so I finally drew it . made this piece using colored

Day 7 #squareathonMade of Stars 🌌 🌌 🌌 These prompts are really helping me to step out of my color comfort zone! That and the fact that I’

Practice makes progress!.If you want to improve at something you have to commit the time and effort to it. Bottom line. Period. .Speed at the end

🔼It's another beautiful day for me to play with my #gouache paints. This is one of our love birds. 😂 His name is bleu

Day 6 #squareathonTreasures of the Tides 🌊 🌊 🌊 I’m exploring these fun little abstracts with watercolor and gouache. So far it’s about

Also some crusty star allies painting I made earlier 😳I wish I could have better pictures but NO my parents will never let me have a phone

Thank you so much @k_2tha_j ! Really loved painting this unique kitty! I really loved practicing on the eyes ! Really hope you like it !

Find them in "AKICHI" !スイーツとアートの空間 "AKICHI

This is a #wip of an umbrella academy thing I’m doing so look out for it.🎵I think we’re alone now. And there doesn’t seem to be anyone

God has to remind me of this frequently as grace is not my spiritual gift by any means. Much like a bee can have a temper, so can I, and often times,

Sketching Elaine sketch a building behind me. She said I was in her way. Such sass. 💁🏻‍♀️

Snow striped the trees just weeks ago. Today, rain. Gouache on paper. 6x8 inches.