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This didn’t quite come out how I imagined but I think the concept is really cool, and I’d love to see it in other people’s style! If you do,



This is 38/100 of #the100dayproject which means I'm about 10 paintings behind.Just drops. Time. Incremental, and cumulative. That's basically

My second failure at #the100dayproject has shown me that I don't like rigid assignments, even ones I set for myself. I make stuff because it makes my

*original sold* I've been dreaming of a true loves kiss 💖 I had a little break today to work on this itty bitty Giselle mermaid 😊 I can't wait

I had such a lovely time today at Blooming in Brooklyn - here’s a little peek at some paintings in progress that I hope to finish up when I get home

Commission #2 ✅ done!! ———————————————I do not own the rights to concept, idea, music or imagery used in this video.


Working on this big boy xxxxx love turtles 🐢🌺🐢🌺🐢MAHINA ARTS Find al my online stores and social media under one link xxxxx

Happy #gameofthronesfinale everyone! Hope everyone can feel at least some sort of closure 😅•••••••Since it’ll be many, many moons

I wanted to try out my earth hues on this painting. Not the most conventional colors for skin but thought it would set the tone for the painting and

#100daysproject Day 48"A Walk to the Water's Edge"We took Biscuit for a walk today around a small lake. The undulating vegetation in the water

IT’S FINISHED!!!! @pvmse_art has been super patient, and I sincerely hope he’s pleased. This was A LOT of fun to do, and my kids loved his


MERMAY Ready for a close up shot? Sooooo as I grow up, I begin to think that mermaids - if ever actually existed wouldn't look anywhere near how

Thank you guys for all consistency appreciated my work! I want to switch to post my plain air painting using gouache this time 🙂 I keep practicing

🌞🔴 the root chakra 🔴🌞⁣⁣currently mastering gouache—⁣ + this may or may not be the beginning of the #100headschallenge

Dark choco cherry cake다크 초코 체리 케이크 닉네임을 오랫동안 고민했는데 '화요(hwa-yo) 라는 걸로 바꿀까해요Maybe

A huge part of the series I am finishing up is about my treatment. While going through this experience, I have dealt with a great deal of hair loss.

UPCOMING! Go With The Passion Of What Becomes by Graziela Guardino part of Not So Dark As A Silent House which opens on Wednesday 22nd May 6-9pm in


PROCESS VIDEO 🎥Cuteness overload: mini gouache illustrations .◾️For more watercolor and gouache lessons check out my online classes (link in

I started this painting with watercolor but ended up with gouache, primarily to fix my mistakes!! Either way, I guess I'm getting my practice in.


🔶"True and false"🔶 🔹Aquarelle 🔹Ink 🔹Gouache 🔹Watercolor paper 280g

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long. I don’t know why but I just didn’t feel like drawing for some time but I think I’m over that now

"Endangered Species II" #Chineseink & #Gouache on #FineArtPaper, © BEUCHET FabienMore info via :

"The Question of the Being" #Gouache on Paper © BEUCHET Fabien

"Menaced #Witch Casting a Curse" #Gouache on #Paper ©BEUCHETFabien More details via :