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NEW VIDEO!•If you have a vehicle and need a good way to store things, check out what I CUSTOM built! CLICK THAT LINK IN THE BIO•Let me know

Love ❤️ ocean ☀️🏝✨寝無しで朝から加計呂麻💕みんなで綺麗な海はいつも以上に最高やなぁ🤣...


If every sunset and sunrise we have witnessed in this great state could tell a story, it would tell you the paths traveled in this life, the


やっぱり俺が好きな色は暗い色☀️長崎とか歩き回ってみると案外素敵なとこいっぱいlocation:nagasaki #portrait

....Some days aren’t meant to be productive. Some days aren’t meant to be jam-packed with activities. Some days are simply meant to be lived

#boomsupfriday If you’d like your IG equipment photos to be from cooler places send me a dm. Looking for experienced hoe/dozer operators 📸


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Sunset flips 🌅⁣⁣which looks nicer?⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣— — — — — — — — —⁣⁣📹: @keeganbenn,

The experience with these two adopted elephants of the Smiling Tuskers Elephant Camp, Ratnamala and Jayamala was so much fun and adventurous to be

Just a short video of my kid in the raw with messy hair, food all over his onesie, a dribbly chin, fake coughing but being extra extra cute 🙈


Architecture/ BridgesShot on @gopro . Throwback to my first GoPro video 📷. India's 3rd longest Cable-stayed bridge, The Atal Setu ♥️...

Thanks all for your warm wishes love & support Love you all 😍😍And you @cat_woman93 you scored again...stay tuned @batpod93 ....📷


過去picもっと遊ぼうよ〜って言ってたかな笑 #インスタキッズ #キッズコーデ #kids #水着 #gopro #かわいい

*Tours Saltos de Jima*Acompáñanos este Domingo *15 de Septiembre 2019* *Precio: RD$ 1,695.00 p/p* *Reserva tu cupo con RD$500.00* y deposita en


Daqui a vinte anos, você não terá arrependimento das coisas que fez, mas das que deixou de fazer. Por isso, veleje longe do seu porto seguro.


What a blast tonight! Bounced off of @qtip245 a time or two and made a hell of a new buddy 🤙🏼😂 can’t wait for day2 #pitbike #kawasaki

The Eight wonder of the world Sigiriya 🎈 Sri Lanka 🇱🇰🍃.Shot by goprohero7 @goproclk 📸😍..Comment below why you like Sigiriya

My soccer uniform


"A veces te levantas de la cama por la mañana y piensas, "no voy a soportarlo", pero te ríes para tus adentros recordando todas las veces que te has

"La vida no se trata de lo que recibes, sino de lo que das."

"Cuando te proclamaste luna, no hubo hombre que te pisará." 💎

"Está tierra no te pertenece a ti, tú perteneces a esta tierra." 🍃

"Y si miras mucho un abismo, el abismo terminará viendo dentro de ti." 💎

"Lo que buscas te está buscando también." 01.02.18 💎