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🌼✨🌅RISE & SHINE BEAUTIFUL ☀️💮✨Today I wish for you to know that everything is working in your favor according to His divine plan

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Vamos terminar esse TCC?.➡ Ferramenta inovadora, desenvolvida por professores de banca, capaz de agilizar a escrita do seu TCC!.➡O monografis

Age of Vitamix... Sip in style... They say a glass shape affects the taste. Let’s find out... This morning while making my breakfast I stumbled upon

My lil photographer Kamryn got me looking like im taking maternity photos ! Get them Angles Kam 📸 #GoodMorning #Swipe

Happy Saturday😘k.J.L.H. is going up in the shop, let's go!🎵🎼🎹✨🎶😍 #workflow✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️ #goodmorning

You not know what happens if you don't take the shot? Not a damn thing. You either make it or you don't, but if you never take the shot, you'll never

*Random geek moment alert*In school, Math and English were effortless for me (thank goodness). So I'm sitting here watching TV and randomly turn to

Tortilla de patatas, cebolla caramelizada, queso Arzua Ulloa y trufa.

#goodmorning from #richardsontx ! I’m glad we got a hotel room up here instead of driving back to Waco after last night’s rehearsal. I was able to

Final Demo 01/parts 06 NEWWWWTrack 14/ 2019Division - Fredstyler 😜🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 #135bpm #bonnejournée

Do you like my new harness? It’s an early birthday present because I chewed the clips on my last one.. 😁🐶 #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram

R&A WELDING AND IRON WORK is a Brooklyn based iron company serving the NY tri state area. Dealing with all aspects of the iron works business, they

💛💛💛 Saturday Morning Motivation!!! Believe in Yourself, You have all the power to achieve everything you dream for in life. It’s all within

Nunca deixe que lhe digam que não vale a pena acreditar no sonho que se temou que os seus planos nunca vão dar certo ou que você nunca vai ser


Goodness ! I’ve been so stuffy from allergies but my eyes don’t even water from this EPIC mascara !!! Wearing my flawless four as well !!!!

no donut like a duck donut 🤤🍩•••The heart wants what it wants. Had to try what the hype was all about. And of course had to have a

🐮🐮 R @R @ 🐮🐮 R @R @ vAcheMent sYmpA

🌿🌿 R @R @ 🌱🌱R @R @ 🌿🌿r🌀r🌀.....🅿️rêt......🅿️our le Carnaval