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Okay, so I’ve just learned that it’s #tongueouttuesday, but does that mean that every other day of the week is tongue in day?!?? That’s gonna be


If I'm being frank (which, as a wiener, I don't really have much option not to be), I don't like focusing on the shitty parts of recovery and there's


Latergram for some dog rescue antics. Aya spotted this goober running down the street, we took him to the nearest police box for safe keeping. Phone

Wheres the selfies stick when ya need it? #WhytheLongFaceIt's a hot day here in Sonoma County at 92 degrees where we are at! August got a bath after

Shout Out to @benjiandbolt for making me look even more handsome. Thank you! ❤️🖤_______________________________________________ #corgi #corgis

Since I've been posting too much of my son Finos I have brought another child of mine, Zuzu *>*~Soon I will have to draw a duck for reasons only a

My sweetest boy, the last few days with you gone have been so hard. My comfort right now is knowing you’re not in pain anymore. I’m glad your last


WandererᨏThe pups are having a BLAST at the ocean. I can’t wait to go through all of the beach photos! Ivy did so well!↟↟ᨏ↟↟

Today we had handsome Jed in the salon! Such a good boy 🐶 here he is showing off his newly clipped nails 🐾

The thing about being an artist, I may not talk to a real person for days, but at least I can create friends. I rate him on the good boy scale 15/10.

I'm an adventuring kind of dog! I love being out in the trees, you never know when you'll find a pesky squirrel out here... 🐾 #dogsofinstagram #dog


Check out @packleashes! I love my new #packleashes rope toy and beautiful Riptide Blue leash! They hand-make amazing, high quality products! And with

Its Tuesday so y'all know what that means ........ 👅🐶 Happy Tongues out Tuesday from your favorite little terror!! 🐾🐾🐾🐾 #doggo

My name is Dollar and I like to do my business on the oregano plant so my poos smell like pizza. 🐾🍕

Feeling very, very sleepy. Boss lady boot camp is no joke. She said my nails are next. We’ll see about that. 🌻🦋🐶 #roadogsandrescue

Went on the nicest walk around the neighborhood last night. Sneezed a few times, but the flowers were worth it! #mypupjunior #blacklab #rescue


Back on the bay sessions.. felt like Summer this evening 🐕 🎾

Baby pawin it up


Time for a nap. Driving my parents insane and getting into all kinds of trouble is exhausting.

When you know EXACTLTY who is THE good boy 😻 (can your puppy make a heart with the fluffy paws like Miles can?)..... #goodboy #dog #dogs

Z E P P E L I N at 6 months.....© and thank you @louisgoldman for this amazing shot. Go check him; he's very very good indeed 📷..

Ryder and I would love to know more about our friends on IG!⁣•⁣• Tell us in the comments where you guys are from


When you have a busy day but want to get in some good training sessions in. #littletankoffleury got in some solid stay practice today. We did ten

Enjoying a @sloopbrewingco Juice Bomb at our favorite place in town! I got to try some hazy deliciousity off the floor 🙃