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As much as I love this city deep dish is still better than thin crust... 🍕

Hey y’all, here’s me looking angsty af 🥀.Also I hated my background so I changed it, whatever forever ✨.HMU for cool edits lmao

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” – Dalai Lama _____We try and go see as much as we can of the world when we can.

Mantente alejado de las personas que menosprecian tus ambiciones. La gente pequeña siempre hace eso, pero la realmente grande te hace sentir que tú

I really like those pics on the rope cling thingy. Also I forgot about that last pic so enjoy us laughing at Lalin's silliness💚💕(Photo credit

Nothing is forever

Sunset vibes

At this point in my life if it’s not making me money, making me better, or making me happy, then I don’t have time for it.

Shout out to Cam to catching this bomb ass off guard 💛💛 #goldenhour

#Repost @escape_to_travel ( @get_repost)・・・А вы скучаете по ощущению босых ног на песке?Do you miss the

Just a few outfit pics. It was so warm today so I said fuck it and wore this cute shortset. I really 💚green............... #cute

“When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.” “Dusk is just an illusion because the sun is either above the horizon or below it."

We all have bad days, but one thing is true, no cloud is so dark that the sun can't shine through ☁️☁️☁️☁️ #amateurphotography

golden hour warmth☀️-check my story for rates about photoshoot sessions! (it will also be put in my “spring rates” highlight!- 🚨CONTACT

My goal is to try to become a functioning human being. Soak up shine and sizzle with serotonin, shower in sunlight upon this golden hour

👋🏾 hi. It’s me, just with sick lighting. Pre shabbas, the golden hour sun coming thru the window, No foundation. Just some self tanner 😂

•Your smile is literally the cutest thing I’ve seen in my entire life• #goldenhour

You should be loving someone🥀❤️ ......idk what the last pic is so yeeeeet🤠 #explore #goldenhour

you don’t wanna know the story behind these photos

drowned in the late summer air that smelled like cider and cinnamon while soaking up the sunlight rays💎🔆❄️ #sun #sunrise #sunset