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No te dejes opacar por las malas vibras y la mala hierba, se fuerte encuentra el sol de tu situación y lucha en el lugar que fuiste plantado, ama y

You’re not asked to follow Jesus by Logic, you’re asked to follow Jesus by Faith. - Pastor Asif

It's these moments that matter the most throughout my career! This is Dorothy, she's my biggest Fan! She listens to my song #GoodDay everyday for the

Partners felices. 😎🔺️ Desde ya puedes inscribirte en nuestro CAF para el año 2019. Aparta tu cupo e Inscríbete por sólo 50k y recibe

A blessing is a power or quality or a few sweet words of love and goodness. Look at everyone with a loveful and sweet vision and share your inner

Get up, get out and live your best life people. Thankful for God keeping me on the right path even when I felt like giving up. I've matured into a

Are you still allowing your flesh Talk to you anyhow? Listen & LearnPursue after the infilling of the Holy Spirit today. .... #christian #jesus

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FUERTE SOY, DIJO EL DÉBIL.💪🏻♥️🙌🏻• “Porque tú eres su gloria y su poder; por tu buena voluntad aumentas nuestra fuerza

#EnDifusión Cuando llega el día dela aflicción nos aferramos a la palabra de Dios que es viva y eficaz y creemos firmemente que es Dios quien nos

All you need in life is to know yourself, to live with the knowledge that it's just life and that's the way it is. You need a sense of what your life

WITHOUT GOD, I AM NOTHING!! BUT WITH GOD, I AM EVERYTHING!! ❤️+❤️+❤️+❤️+❤️“I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser

Tengo ganas de invitarte un café, pero me da miedo que se nos termine y no alcances a darte cuenta, que el café contigo es lo de menos.” #tequiero

드디어 성경책 샀다고 기쁨으로 자랑하시는 학부모님💐-"너희는 먼저 그의 나라와 그의 의를 구하라그리하면 이 모든 것을 너희에게 더하시리라."[마태복음 6:33]"But seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness,and all theses things will be given to you as well."[Matthew 6:33]- #now #thanks #lord #thankyou #god #iloveyou #jesus #bible #pray #prayer #always #everyday #감사합니다 #believe #faith #insta #event #instagram #instapic #text #instagood #instadaily #instamood #instalike #instalove #life #instalife #moment #instamoment #followalways