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FUNCIONAL RECOLETA 💯💪🏻🔋💯💪🏻🔋 ...✅La mejor propuesta para entrenar✅Entrenamientos ✅Dinámicos✅Divertidos ✅Precios

Mon sourire est proportionnel à la quantité de chocolat que j'ai mangé aujourd'hui. Sachant que j'ai environ 87 dents, et qu'on voit environ 50% de

|Idée repas du soir|Vous savez que j’aime tout ce qui est simple et efficace..Quoi de plus simple et hyper bon qu’un poisson pané (fait


It’s the last evening of my holiday before heading back to the UK tomorrow. I’ve had an absolutely amazing time eating and drinking my way around

Whilst lots of people have been deep into Easter Eggs and pints of cider in the sun (only ever so slightly incredibly jealous) I've been cracking on

Выпады назад с фиксацией колена в верхней точке 📚Отличное упражнение как для подготовки ваших ног к основной части тренировки, так и для развития ваших ягодичных, задней и передней частей бедра 🔥А ещё мы с @ole.ole__ подготовили для вас 2 тренировки на тему: 1. Динамический стретчинг2. Активация ягодицКакие темы вас ещё интересуют? 🤔🤟🏼 @smidyukacademy @adidasukraine #fitness #glutes


Staggered leg good mornings. Isolating the hamstrings. Today's leg routine was more hamstring focused. Check out my story for hamstring ideas.

The “Run & Gun” part of tonight’s session...

Trying to evolve

Weekend farmer’s market finds✨🍓

HELLOOOO MONDAY!!!! Glutes and hamstrings 🔥 1. Deadlifts 2. Elevated band flute bridges(not videoed) 3. Kneeling squats 4. Hamstring curls 5.

Can’t wait to go back 💛🌴

Quelle était le training du jour selon vous ? Êtes vous entraîné aujourd’hui le lundi de Pâques ?😏🔥💪🏼 #fitnesspark

Spring is all about the NEONS👀💚.Shop our amazing Brazilian Crunch Collection DONT wait till your size is gone🎉Made in Brazil. Limited Colors


Weekly PR update1st vid: 455 lbs x 5 reps @ RPE 82nd vid: 255 lbs x 5 reps @ RPE 7.5 (Rx was 8) spot by @fckngstylinkVideos recorded by

Nice lil 227 total to end the week. On to the Next.

✅Glute ham raises (GHR) are one of my favorite exercises to do! There are two main reasons:1️⃣ they bulletproof the knee 2️⃣ they build

A happy sunny busy bank holiday monday ☀️ 🐣 🐰 🥚 ——————————————————— @built_differently suggest I do

Words can’t even describe how thankful I am for every good and bad moment. Finally time to live my life the way I choose to. 👏🏻👏🏻

Exercise: Corkscrew -Purpose: Articulate the spine, strengthen the abdominal sides, and massage the hips -✨Swing the legs overhead and bring them

#lunchprep quick & healthy tuna pasta for tomorrow and wednesday ✌️

12 WEEK BOOTY GUIDES ARE A SCAM😤 I have such beef with instagrammers who promote these workout plans that promise a bigger booty in just 12 weeks,


👋 Did a whole #cardio circuit and oh my🥴. I feel it today . Honestly I almost never do this exercises .. I love my dumbbells and heavy weight

My leg workout from the weekend! It was great to mix things up and use some equipment I haven't used in a while! Always good to mix things up so you

What a wonderful bank holiday it’s been! Everyone has just seemed so happy this weekend and it’s such a lovely thing to see. Defo got that Sunday

Everybody needs a little landmine action in their life. Landmine exercises are highly versatile and can be executed through numerous lower and upper

Identify what parts of your personality you’re hiding and share it because it’s probably the most polarizing part of your personality. 🖤

🔥Legday🔥➡️Squats 5x5x95kg➡️Hip thrusts 4x6x170kg ➡️Split squats 4x10x32kg Kettlebell.Böjen har nu steppats upp, ett set och en

DOUBLE BANDED HIP THRUST by @lb3fitness⁣⁣By now, you should know that I am a big fan of working the glutes⁣⁣They are an extremely

Little 235 @7 sumo pulls. Getting pretty eager to throw some big girl weight on this bar... Chomping on the bit over here @ct_whitney


if you soak yourself in love the universe will hand you those who’ll love you too 💫🌌🌟🖤............... @missguided

A nice little PB before my holidays, 100kg sumo deadlifts! Facials consisted of: 😖🤬😵🥴hence the coverup 😂.. #gym #gymmotivation

So last week was a challenging week. I suffered quite a lot with my anxiety which led to me having an anxiety attack on Wednesday. Completely out of

Oiii Oiii @gracefitguide is now B_ND.🤩•Yes you heard right!😮👀•The incredible @gracefituk and fabulous team have been working

Make sure to SAVE THIS so you can work off those weekend calories with a full body workout!!!--🥨Lunges with Lateral Raises (Drop Set)🥐Around

Halloooo happy start of the week 🌸obsessed with these new leggings i got from @bombshellsportswear 😫i don’t usually wear camo (or like ever

Week6Day1 logged in! 🙏👍 welcome to week number 6, baybee lol. I do have a handful of things to say today, so I'm gonna get these out of the way

Hamstring Development....The Swiss Ball “Glute-Ham Raise” is a great exercise to target the hamstrings. However, many display technique that


coming at you live with an easter sunday workout! hope everyone has an amazing upcoming week and praised the Lord today and everyday! hamstrings,

Sunday sessions 💪🏻👍🏻🙌🏻 Legs felt great after this workout. - Back Squat - Leg Press- Stiff Leg Deadlifts - Walking Lunges Walking

Emocionaada y muy feliz de estar de vuelta aquí!! He tenido dias difíciles pero ahora estoy otra vez con todos los motores encendidos, con mucha

🤩 Extraits d’un taille abdos fessiers avec Sarah : Ambiance et courbatures assurées ! Tous les lundis à 10h au Basic Fit Wemmel