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This was a fun Leg/Posterior-Chain Tri-Set4x90 sec rest6 X Bar Deadlifts12 Walking Lunges6 Glute Ham Raises or 15 Seated Leg Curls


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#TreatTuesday: Are you feeling knotty? It is most likely as you're reading this post that you may be feeling muscle knots in your neck, mid-back or

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i really did not want to squat this morning... and then did my best looking top set on this cycle 🤷‍♀️..also featuring @stevenbell50

She definitely put in that Worrrrk 🙌🏻 ( @fitguru101 )TAG A FRIEND WHO LIKES LEG DAY ⤵️ ⤵️ ➡️DB Sumo Squat ~ 8 reps -> 15 reps(pause

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I’m so basic, but had to capture a selfie in the mirror at Gold’s 😬🤷🏻‍♀️Leg day yesterday felt GOODDD 💪🏼 #legday #goldsgym

Be true to who you are ☺️Don’t worry what others may think, the only thing that’s important is you’re true and authentic to who you are

Transformation Tuesday !! 3 weeks pregnant versus 4 and 1/2 weeks to go 😱😱. I honestly dont even know where the time has went!!! I'm still doing

I am really feeling the gummy worm legs today after an intense session with this glute band. Who else uses a glute band during leg day? It is one of


Rise and shine ☀️Nothing hard never came easy, so why would getting your dream body be? Be consistent and remember that slow and steady wins the

He tried to kill me @thekingofsnatch until NEXT TIME ATLANTA 💕🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️ I’ll see y’

I woke up 10 min before my class at @soulcycle 😱😅 But I made it - and it sure woke me up!😂😅💦🚵🏽‍♀️👏 Sweaty, fast & loud

Day 92 ( Call it what it is ) #Todays pain is brought to you by Quads, Calves, Chest, Back , Shoulders , Glutes , & AbsLink to workout: https://

Great gym sesh with my sis @tdotmcgdot4life this morning... I forgot my bands at home so did this banded squat walk after the gym while I was cooking

Day 92 ( Call it what it is ) #Todays pain is brought to you by Quads, Calves, Chest, Back , Shoulders , Glutes , & AbsLink to workout: https://

(здесь должен был быть философский текст, но что-то пошло не так)😵..... #babes #blog #me


today’s home cooked lunch🤤I helped my mom prep this meal for the whole family and am SO happy with what we put together! this was super light

Last set of light squats after a sweaty HIIT leg circuit🥵it burrnned🔥 ⠀⠀Enjoying trying all the different gyms in my area at the minute,

ลูกบอลใช้แต่งขาให้สวยได้ไปจ๊ะ หาอุปกรณ์ บอกแล้วไง เรื่องขาไม่ใช่เรื่องใหญ่สำหรับพี่ #Ladysworkroutineสรีระผู้หญิง ขอพี่ดูแลให้ค่ะสรีระหนุ่มๆ พี่จ๊ะเอ๋ ดูแลให้ #ดูแลตลอดโปรแกรม #รับสอนทุกเพศทุกวัยพัทยากดไลค์ กดแชร์ให้โลกรู้ด้วยนะคะสนใจเทรนเนอร์ ติดต่อได้ค่ะหรือ id ;kaina8087 / id;0873447546หรือให้เราช่วยคุณปั้นฝันให้เป็นจริงนะค่ะ #แน่นอย่างนี้จนกว่าจะลีน #ออกกำลังกายกับพี่นะดูแลดีมีเวลาให้ #fitweigh #training #igworkout #abs #absworkout #sixpack #bootyworkout #bootyburn #fullbodyworkout #food #diet #exercises #dumbbell #squatworkout #legsworkout #glutes #gluteworkout #gymshark #fitness #fitweighroutine #fitworkout #workoutroutine #bodyworkout #motivation

Good morning! ❤️ Here’s a little randomness from this past weekend. Random isn’t always a bad thing. This was a good burn

Back to it.Not gonna lie wasnt looking forward to it at all but got to suck it up and do the work for comp in less than 2 weeks......why am I doing

stay golden 🌞

Hip Stretching & Impingement.Using a band to draw the hip joint posterior/backwards will allow you to perform this movement with reduced Anterior/

Better believe it...Looka here!!! The way June was set up AND the way July is going, I feel it coming to a room near you VERY SOON!! 👌🏽 #veetad


Bonjour my fit bunnies ☺️🐰 -• Here’s a killer gloot/leg pump! -• Enjoy 🥰🍑🦵🏼:--• Frog Kicks (turn heels in for the burn

My ass hurts just watching 😂😂 Anyone got any glute workout tips? Hip thrust tip: Essential compound movement in my opinion for almost everyone.

Beinheben im Vierfüßlerstand - eine tolle Übung für deine Gesäßmuskulatur, die Oberschenkelrückseite und deinen unteren Rücken. Ich habe sie

If you're a human being in my life who has good intentions with our relationship, I promise to love you deeply and give you all the hugs and attention

Why YOU should NEVER miss/skip LEGDay 🔥 #itsTransformationTuesday - appreciate where you ARE in your journey and STOP comparing yourself to OTHERS