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We love this dress because it's pretty enough to pair with heels and wear to an event but simple enough to toss on after the beach or the gym with a

"If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary"-- what's up everyone💙 The past couple days this quote has

Shawty you deserve what you been missingLooking at you I'm thinking he must be trippingPlay this song for him tell him just listen

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what proper nutrition and training will do for you. Gone are the days of starvation and endless cardio. There was a time

Första praktikdagen på palliativa enheten är gjord ☑️ Sparkade först igång dagen med ett benpass, därefter foodprep och sedan Västerås fö

Just playing around with the portrait filter on my phone🙃📸 thanks @apple this weather makes me so excited for the summer☀️ what’s your fav

Happy Saturday!!! Loving the sunshine and the fact that the snow is finally starting to melt! I’m so ready for warmer weather!☀️☀️☀️

Some falls and some wins...havent been able to finish this V4 yet, but I finally got this stupid move Ive been working on, and then flew off 😭 and

This week I took on this this amazing intensive course offered by @dts_edu. 3 full days of theory and practical work later and I’m feeling like my

On national puppy day or any day you can never have enough pictures of Darcy! Oh how she steals my ❤️

She’s been asking to lift with us. I guess she’ll be lifting on my days now 🤗

о том, что ты еще существуешь, тебе всегда напомнит твоя тень............. #Fitgirl

The only thing I can really say about these videos is that I’m coming back, and with a vengeance to be the fucking best. Period. Stand beside me or

Legs were hard today after a busy day at work, but got 1 extra rep at 66kg with a bodyweight of 45.0kg 😁 and managed to get an extra set of 90kg on

New down puffer, after retiring my last one, which was used and loved for 8 years. Boy, do I love an architectural collar

The most underrated thing ever is a Saturday night snuggled in with Netflix and ice cream...change my mind💁🏼‍♀️

I love settling at home with some comfy clothes, a good tv show and some snacks after a long week and end to a Saturday. 👏🏻 I no longer feeling

This amazing woman......Karen's not only a smart business woman she's a powerhouse!!At 57 years old she made a decision to change her life.Dropping

TLDR: Radical acceptance❤️ ✨While Da Hubs and I have been apart I’ve been working on myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and

No it’s not Thursday or Friday but ya girl still throwin it back cus look at those shredssss... ✌🏽more months!

Sometime life’s a lot like squats... if something brings you down, you have to power back up👊💪 - wise words of @chadbrunarski• #legday

Felt super lean today 🤓

Não sei nem explicar qual o sentimento que estou tendo novamente , depois de 2 anos fora do palco ; e agora estou muito próxima de um novo desafio

I am happiest when I feel challenged and have plenty of room to grow.I love learning new things and I have even learned to enjoy the failures that

I have 0 spare time lately so i barely can do anything that are not school projects, but i managed to do this doodle tonight so...This is my daughter

On Paris's last session before she leaves to join the Air Force we went for some big lifts. 90kg Deadlift > 10kg pr 60kg x5 Squat > 2 rep pr50kg

🎵"Look at me nowOh, look at me nowYeah, fresher than a motherf**ker"🎵👊😜👊.🌺 Today is leg day 🦵old pic vs recent pic 👏 It's

COTTON BANDS 😍 New 𝐿𝑒𝓂𝑜𝓃𝒶𝒹𝑒 🍋 set by @herofficial~Unlike elastic resistance bands, these don’t roll up my thighs

Don't get hungry for something you don't have--or what you do have will starve. Be grateful in your present.I might be getting physically hungry,

One foot in front of another. All big goals are a process and they take time and they can and should be broken down into smaller components. Focus on

Gente hoje quero falar com vcs sobre o shake zero da @in_n4tura 😍😍😍Além do sabor ser delicioso ainda ajuda na manutenção do peso,

Channeling my inner Spartan 💯💪🏻 Yesterday’s workout. 3 mile hill intervals on treadmill..a little abs and Rumble Practice. When I start

Little by little this abs are peeking through thanks my herbalife nutrition. 😊•••••Poco a poco van saliendo mis abs, gracias a la

Obsessed with the curls omg!!! 😍😍😍 @meganjewellfit you’re a life saver! 😘😘 Thank you for the trim and giving my hair some life again

Happy Saturday ☀️ ..I’m gonna cozy up in some jammies and cuddle my littles for the rest of the day 💕... #fitmom #fitness

#UpperBody 💪😍 Back and chest (day 4) #BACK..1) Bent over row (under hand grip)2)Straight arm dumbell pull over 3) Single arm row4) Bent