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When we avoid challenge, we miss opportunities. We stall progress. And we decline an open invitation to explode into the best version of ourselves.


Last snowshoeing adventure this to #emeraldlake just as the snow rolled in and hightailed it back down the mountain...and back to sunny

📷: The fire burns hot and the 5-tarp shelter holds strong against torrential rains at our undisclosed location in the Snoqualmie National Forest


It’s here.

It wasn't as pretty as Monet's "Japanese Bridge", but at the time, it almost felt like it. Being the Monet junkie I am, I saw him in it instantly

Got to spot these beautiful, awesome, endangered whooping cranes as they migrate through ND. I can't wait to splurge on an actual camera instead of


14 miles down.... one to go. 3000 feet plus climb. At least I’m pretty sure I’m going to live to regret this 😂 #grandcanyonselfie

Some much needed rest this weekend and an epic sunset last night with the crew @ayce09 @maxgarcia

If you find yourself in hot water, do the dishes with it. 😉.Our water pressure is so low in our kitchen, we often fill up a kettle to help rinse


Learned a lot and has a great time at the @eseeknives Land Nav course this weekend. If you’re in the wilderness it pays to know how to know where

Happy Easter! So thankful to be able to spend it outdoors 🐰✌🏻...Oh and on a side note my little boy is looking way too big for my liking

Happy Easter Monday - hope your all enjoying some exercise after lots of eggs and Hot X Buns!  Great photo today thanks to @eliot.lespect thanks

ending this weekend getaway dirty and sweaty (if I’m being honest, I’ve been dirty and sweaty the whole time). another bucket list #texasstatepark

#shedsunday @_chad_hendricks_ looking for his Easter eggs! This was my first shed i found in Kansas. It was fun glassing rolling hills for days!


The rain poured, and so did the wine! Owen's Biophilic World and Vineland Estates Winery are excited to offer a one of a kind experience in Niagara

Live music video shoot on @rustedmountainranch. We have 12-acres surrounded by national forest. And spring is crazy green. It’s a beautiful day for

I’ll never tire of Tahoe’s beauty 💙 So happy that hiking season is finally here. ☀️🏔🥾🌲....... #tahome #easter #takeahike

Another phenomenal day spent with the ones I love...eating, laughing....and you know..hiking 😆 Got my shot! Happy Easter! ~ #girlsthathike #hiker

Live music video shoot on @rustedmountainranch. Our ranch is an incredible 12-acres surrounded by national forest. And spring is crazy green. It’s a


I can’t remember the last time we had nice weather for Easter Sunday, so I’m incredibly thankful for some sunshine this weekend. Regardless of

That Hard Girl @sassyshanikins Is Crushing Again! “Tsunami” Goes Down On This Beautiful Easter Sunday!💪❤️✅ 📷 @llowen06

Happy Easter! Back in time for Game of Thrones!!

Join Ocean Connectors for Earth Day Fair at Balboa Park next week! Learn about our mission, play marine trivia with us--we hope to see you there!

Quisiera llevarte al mar y nunca regresar a la ciudad ....🏖🥰 @valdiviaanahi

Absolutely and positively a brand new person.

Love is literally all around.

You will be taken care of.


I only want to be honest on here.