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Waiting for April like

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Entry 4Thanks to Uncharted 4 I get to know Uncharted series. If you like movies like Indiana Jones or Mummy you will love this game. It's amazing

Little trick shot action for the final kill, arc star to a triple take

Little trick shot action for the final kill, arc star to a triple take

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Do you guys like Rick and Morty? I had a meeting with Pickle Rick and he's super funny and adorable !!! He's quite the character! Haha

Do y’all like blue or red more? I went with the red first but I’m up for second opinions. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Es wird Zeit, in die #SMITEBirthday Woche zu starten!Eine Woche voller Angebote und In-Game Events steht bevor!Das bedeutet natürlich auch: Juwelen

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starting level on EARTH. #pinnnaclegame The illuminated artwork from Alan Riddell: Hologrammer (1972) 《Eclipse》 “the exposure and

3.19.19🌎Valentine got to the farm yesterday evening and I got him settled into his stall. He was very cautious and kinda anxious. The next

It really be like that 😓

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ProSpotlightOW video featuring Omnicoach:Best Of “Fleta” INCREDIBLE DPS PRO- Overwatch Montage

Deleted the inconsistency of the old channel due to algorythms. Will be posting YouTube clips more often and making this another source of content.

Apple снимет с производства iPhone 6

Le monde du Gaming est entrain d’évoluer doucement mais est toujours visualisé d’une manière péjorative. Un professionnel ou un simple puriste

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head in the clouds ☁

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Muchas criticas negativas hacia el lanzamiento del battle pass en Apex Legends. Este incluye 4 skins nuevas de las cuales 3 te dan en el primer tier,

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Today I went back on 2k and played some park and walk-on games. Even had a Team-Arena match up and we ended up coming back and winning. #2k

I should be an actor... Check out our Shakespearean themed episode of Game and Scotch featuring brews from the Link to

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Room setup #3 working on a song but I was just showing my launchpad

Look at this dude from westside