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Painting on a glass. Miniatures "Family ll". Живопись на стекле. Миниатюры "Семейство ll" 20/30

Did another fanart of the beautiful @makeupbytammi she is my favourite beauty guru. Always honest and friendly and I love to see black woman doing


“Wonderland” 🕰🐇 Time changes everything — any and every outcome is possible. 🖤••••• #digitalart #sketch #gallery

인식에 대한 반전과 물성에 대한 재치있는 표현력 ♣️💭

"Bloom".✏ art by @petapaints ↪ Follow us @Bellofy for more art and hashtag Bellofy so we can support you.Collabs: 🖌 Contact us socialmedia

اثری بی‌نظیر از حاج حسین شهید برروی عقیق کهنه یمنی... . @ravan_rings

Sick New Cartel Glass Mini Tube Rig, Quartz Banger & Gateway Glass Space Dabber Now (SOLD) To An Awesome Local Client! Thanks Again! Enjoy!

In 'Repose (After Corot)', as well as its companion pieces, Hiba Schahbaz creates a self-portrait in a style reminiscent of a specific era in art

اثری بی‌نظیر از حاج حسین شهید برروی عقیق کهنه یمنی... . @ravan_rings

#savethedate Wer hat Lust auf eine Kunstpause? 🙋🙋‍♂️⁣Am 21. MÄR ist es wieder soweit! Um 13 Uhr gibt es spannende Einblicke in

La bellezza ci può trafiggere come un dolore

Ну, поехали.

Gearing up for Art Campout March 29th-31st!!! 🤘 Music, Games, Friends & Family Link in Bio🔥 Early Bird Tickets available this week only!! 🎟

Tiyatro Siyah Beyaz ile güzel bir turnedeyiz.. 10. Oyunumuzu oynadık, güzel bir ekip olduk herkese çok teşekkür ediyorum 🎭

▫️▫️ ▫️▫️I love this piece, and all things #razzledazzle ... It has easily become my favorite. When it’s not in a show or gallery

▫️▫️ ▫️▫️The #sparkle in this piece is what makes it so special ! Swipe ⬅️ to see the piece up close.▫️▫️ #fluidart

Sculpture Design 03/??

Sculpture Design 02/??⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

.Pacific Effulgence . 120.1×200.1(cm) . Mixed media on canvas . 2016 .2019

.Dearth and Crystallization . 183.8×183.8(cm) . Mixed media on canvas . 2017 .2019