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Bir şeyi çok isteyince olur derlerdi de inanmazdım. Akşam tohum attık, sabah kedi çıktı 😂 Organik kedicilik bizim işimiz 🤪 So we just

Antoisaa uutta viikkoa kaikille! ☀️ Have a nice Monday! ☀️

Sunbathing ♥️

HAIR CUT TIME! I love a good fluffy dog, but this girl's hair is out of control. Spring is here and so it's time to say goodbye to the locks. #annie

Stay calm, don’t get too excited BUT IM 3 TODAY and the cake is for me 😋🥳💖 although I might have to share with my brother Kasper...

For International Puppy Day I'm throwing back to 2013 for our first road trip with Lupa at 3 months old. She did so well, we would always take her

Someone a little blushySome lenson art ;)Owo kill meAlso I changed child Leander clothing It seems like I’m going back to drawing on paper Owo

Cue the bagpipes. My third and final #nationalpuppyday is my right hand man and furry child, Linus. Tell me this isn’t a highland warrior right here

It’s been almost two weeks since we had to put our Ralphie down(on the left) Our house is so much more quiet and, if you can believe it, it feels a

It's national puppy day!! Small dogs to me always puppies. Here is my silly Rainbow with her tongue sticking out in her sleep. She turns 17 in June

More treats Dad!

Did you know sloths can squeal

Sending out all the love to my two favorite {furry} kiddos today for #nationalpuppyday 🐶🐕Because of you, we are forever covered in hair.

It's #nationalpuppyday and this just gives me an excuse to have a nostalgic dog mom moment and remind you all how much I love my furry child! So yeah

All over each other 💖

Loving this new colour conquered by our top baker Amy for 🎂 BoBo🎂 happy birthday little one 🥳🤩 💚🐾

Love love love these toys 🐾...Turner has had them a long time and they are still going strong 👌Though the bear has lost his ears along the way

How cute is Rocco who had a special birthday and turned 1 - give him a boop and wish him a happy woof day 🥰👏🏻🎂🤗

My poor baby had a vet visit today, she's been bleeding everytime she urinates and going number two has been difficult for her lately. Turns out she