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Honk honk! 📯Capturing the essence of Mumbai's culture and facilitating social interactions in the workplace were our key design objectives for

Whoo-hoo! It's #furryfriendsfriday!! We have some very special furry friends that showed up at the office today with @allybosak and her beautiful

My mission was to convince an ice cream van to come back to the office with me... I delivered 😁 Jess looks delighted! 🍦 #icecream #icecreamman

Get in quick, they’re going fast!! Enquire about our serviced offices now before they’re all gone 💻🗓..Get in touch via the link in our


We proudly present the winner of our 1st Mario Kart Tournament 🥇 🎮 together with our home made price 🏆 🎉 Be part of our next tournament


Cookie bake off at #allenfamilydentistry today!!13 employees baked cookies and we had 4 guest judges!Melissa pulled off the win!Thanks everyone

#TeamTuesdayAndreas - User Experience Designer und Managing Partner. Meistens telefoniert er aber. 📈😎📞 Verdienter Geophysik-Dropout,

Get rid of of your dull paperclip holder and use Sheepi.🐑 It will definitely make your desk more fun and friendly with this little guy on your desk

That awkward moment when you wear the same thing to the office😂 We just had to get this on camera. We're happy to report that the two decided they

Sometimes we leave little notes for each other at the office 💌 It’s our way of saying “I’ve got you, boo!” when we don’t see each other

So lucky in Dubai to have colleagues like family and an office like a home ❤️ @_abdullahtauqeer - “can you not cover my face with your hand


Did you ever had a meeting at a rooftop? We do! 🤩 Of course meetings can be tiring, but we usually have a lot of fun as we are working together one

Happy Fourth of July! From Woodhaven Braces to you 🎉💙❤️. May you all have a great and safe Independence Day. #independenceday #holiday

Sheepi, the cute-friendly magnetic paperclip holder. Use the link in our bio to add some fun to your desk with Sheepi, your perfect little companion

This lady is having her birthday today! Smiley happy @oneedakiekie____ #ERMstars #WeDoBirthdays #FunOffice #Let'sEatCake

Looking for something to do with your McKenna water bottle and your favorite four-legged friend? Well, we have the perfect solution for you!! Share


Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful..Meeting room design for ID Star cipta teknologi... #officedesign #idstar

#TeamTuesdaySarah – Assistant to the Board, Feel-Good-Managerin und Allround-Organisations-Talent. 📝📊 Nachdem alleine der Titel ihrer

Bring the fun back into your day to day life with one of our comfortable non roll away weighted balance balls. Stay focused 📝AND improve your

Kids, parents and entire families love us and we love our patients. Schedule your appointment today to experience great dentistry as well! Call or


Sliding into Monday! Office loft with slide. It was a bit steep, but that’s how they use to make’em... There was a celebrity slam on this one

Summer offer for aligners!!! Full Mouth Aligners Upper & Lower with CT scan Included!!!All for $3999For single arch or minor correction of upper

We may be a few weeks late for Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week, but when you do it right, it’s so worth the wait!!! A HUGE Thank You to Dr

It was such a privilege to share in the joy of my two friends Drs. Daniel and Christina Lee, as they opened their new practice in downtown seattle

Tomorrow is #PrideDay! At Oi we are always proud to stand with our LGBT community and dressed up in our rainbow best to celebrate - Check out our


We 😍our Primescan. We are amazed at how easy it is to use for our digital scans! Today’s challenge: let’s scan the uvula (you know the hanging

It is already vacation time for some of us😎 . This year our employer gimmicks made it to Taiwan🌅 , Austria 🏔️ , Italy 🍕 and many other

Love visiting this office - the spheres are made from environmentally friendly Eco-Synthetic resin other pots in this office are made from recycled

There's never a dull moment in our office, that's for sure! But we wouldn't have it any other way. ⠀•⠀•⠀•⠀•⠀•⠀


SUMMA CONTEST 2019!☀️WHERE in the 🌎 is (cartoon buddy) Dr. Wang👨🏻‍⚕️?!?3️⃣Categories3️⃣Winners3️⃣AWESOME PRIZES

An office that works out together, stays happy and healthy together! We love a good mid-day exercise break (but not as much as we love our team

Final photos of Embrace Orthodontics for Dr. Peter Duncan in Victoria, British Columbia!!! The Dr. was looking for a design that was centered around


It’s national take your dog to work day! Here at WOTSO we love having dogs in the space every day of the week 🐶... #bringyourdogtoworkday