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These mustard towels are up for grabs but I only have 5! ✨..Each hand towel is about 16” x 16” inches, and is hand block printed by me, so

Tea towels don’t always have to be used in the kitchen - use it as a large banana, a scarf or a center piece for your coffee table ☕️ ..Every

#chooseused 🌿.When you find a fabric you’re absolutely in LOVE with but you thrifted it at @savers_thrift and will probably never find it again


Mini prints are officially live in our online shop, including this one and a few others!..Each print is 5”x7” with soft deckled edges, and hand

Rainy days call for catching up on those postcards you’ve been meaning to write 🌿 ..Our postcards are bold and unique, and are always hand-


Another one of my favorite prints “Moods”. .There’s only one left - but we will be restocking on this one for sure ✨..Link in bio to shop

Day by day, spring is moving its way in. Today I’m celebrating with some updated product photography, with pops of yellow 🌞 🍋 .....

There’s something magical about making things by hand. We can’t wait to get these beauties in from + love a good

Prepping more mini jotters for the Makers and Merchants Sidewalk sale ✨ @shop.wickenden ..Save the date for Saturday 4/27 in PVD on Wickenden

This video makes it looks so effortless - hah! I’m definitely sweating a little after this...This video shows my hand-block printed process for

Ask me about my art. Ask me about my process, the materials I use or what inspired me to make a certain piece, especially if we get to meet in person

It’s about to be super nice today, so I’m just really happy to go on another bike ride 🌞 here’s an older vid of this pattern in the making -

Happy Friday everyone! 🌿..I’m not sure if it’s the clouds or the face that I’m sorting things out in my cluttered office after an event


Thank you to those of you who showed up at @nc_ewib yesterday! ✨ I had an amazing time meeting new people (probably my favorite part of these events

Tiny notebooks are back with a fancy little band, getting ready for @nc_ewib tomorrow, and Winter Therapy by @fieldofartisans on Sunday 🌞..These

A big thank you 🙌 to for her amazing talent and for using our hand stitched recycled handmade paper notebooks @parwanapaper Buy

Buttoning up the details on these tea towels for their first official appearance (in person) at the the Empowering Women in Business Conference this

✨ Postcards ✨.. Hand-block printed postcards lookin good with a new baby peperomia from @jordansjungleri 🌿 .They’re printed on thick,

April has been off to a bit of a wild start, and today I’m reminding myself that I’m only one human behind all of this right now ✨.I feel

Good morning! We just received another batch of deckled edge paper, and we’ll be stocking back up on these deckled edge prints!.....

Sometimes we can repurpose an unused concept elsewhere, whether it be a new stamp or something completely new, we’ll see 🌿 ....

How do you take your morning coffee? ☕️ ..I took the latest pattern I’ve been working on and playing with more black - for those of you who

Yellow walls and cute little plants can trick you into thinking it’s sunny out when it’s not 🌞 ..Here’s a little sneak peek at a gal that


I love that my stamps can stand a lone as little sculptures, but can also be used to create other printed goods such as greeting cards and mini art

This is how it happens, and it’s my favorite part - the mess. •It’s definitely nothing glamorous or crazy but this is how I iterate and figure

Working on website and product photography updates 🌿 ..The longer, sunnier and brighter days have encouraged me to reshoot my work, and we’ve

Good morning! 🌞 Here are a few of our postcards out in the wild at @studio_lore 👀 ..You can find these, as well as a few other art prints and

A few of you had asked me yesterday about our new sign for our event display, and where it came from or how it was made. The backdrop is actually a

I wanted to share a condensed process carousel of how I went from carving this pattern element into a fully completed, hand-stamped table runner. I

It was exciting to see our new set up come together in person with the hand-painted backdrop sign we had been working on, along with an updated

I’ve been taking a nice easy Sunday, and reflecting on yesterday’s event with @aigarhodeisland ✨ Thanks so much for having us be apart of this

New table runner in the making! This was my practice run before the real thing gets made. I plan to use it for my table set up at events & I’m


Experiments from yesterday -•I had a lot of fun carving this shape, and I’m thinking of using it as an element of another pattern but here it is

Been doing lots of this lately 👀 •I’ve been prepping for a handful of events in the New England area, so I wanted to share where and when I’

I’ve never shown a flat lay of the materials I typically use, but these are my go-to tools lately for block printed paper products: - A barren from

Good morning! This is how I feel like my day is going to go with all the appointments and errands and then more work later - who can relate

Focusing more on production, and less on “made to order” so I’m not scrambling as much. Here are some more deckled edge floral prints that were will be one of our exhibitors at #EWIB2019! They will be selling their awesome hand-illustrated goods at the conference. We are so


Freshly stamped greeting cards are on their way out to @studio_lore today! ..Also, you can find some of these gals this weekend at the KnowHER

Sometimes I get requests to illustrate tattoos - it’s not my main thing, but I love switching up my work flow for a special, custom piece. .Here’

Elephant bush inspired illustrations for a logo mark. ..This was a fun one to doodle because it is so organic, and you’ll never draw the same one

It’s been a busy week for many reasons, but here’s a snippet from earlier this week, Hand-stamping some greeting cards for @studio_lore 🖤 I can

Here’s a close up of a tea towel I’d recently made. .This one is still looking for a new home! Let me know if you’re interested, and I can send

So SO excited to have received these beautiful pieces today from! It’s been a painstaking process trying to find more good art

If you’ve been following along for a bit, you may have already seen this angel-haired gal, but a few days ago I carved a mini version of her. Now I

Me & my humble office space are excited to tell you that we’ve been featured on the @moo blog! ✨•If you’d like to read more, the link to the