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My sister and I reviewed the food here. We are 100% Peruvian and we’re spoiled because we were brought up eating only GOOD Peruvian food.🇵🇪


“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate”~ Oprah WinfreyThank you Father 🙌🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾

Picked up my new glasses! I moved onto progressives 👓 and am having a hard time adjusting. But I love the new frames ❤️🤓 Right now I feel

Well next time, that is


Happy birthday to my dearest friend!! @santoso.lidia Cheers to more wisdom, happier life and more adventures!! We’ve had so much fun celebrating her


Saw my endocrinologist on Thursday and I am proud to say my new A1C is 6.0!! I’m so proud. In 2017 when I became extremely ill and required

Happy Monday!!!! I love Monday’s! Starting a fresh week fresh focus... Monday’s are like mini New Years a chance to make new resolutions weekly..

Mind that time I got my fringe cut and everyone told me I looked like people and I spent days posting pics in my story and finding myself hilarious


Some of the best things about a beautiful weekend is getting a nice mani pedi. I feel like I can take in the new week. #bestyoubeautyco #justme

I think I’m already falling in love with 40 🥰♊️🥳 I ♥️ The “New New” —————————————— #embracing #my #new

This is my wonderful friend Cami @camihollington, who I've known for 19 years since we met at uni. I don't usually share personal photos on here, but

There was a window of sunshine this evening and I took it.😎.Walked to the pub , sat underneath heaters, drank rosé and pretended it was summer,

Played around with my new bubble wand today. I think I dig it. ✌🏻💗

When you extra, and it’s Sunday, and it’s hot, and you don’t care who shows this feed to others lol! Be you! God loves me and He loves you too!

🎉🎈🎁 40 and fabulous! My birthday moon necklace is awesome and a total surprise. #fortyandfabulous


What a pleasant feeling the sun has on the skin.Che sensazione così piacevole quella del sole sulla pelle.Terri Guillemets••• #summer

Sand in my shoes....Sober Sundays are still the best! Got trough another weekend without being a drunken embarrassment 💪🏻 Before I got sober a

I love this quote. We all know, "You are what you eat." This is literally true. Our food becomes our cells, tissues and organs. My tissues used to be

Ready for European Masters Weightlifting Championship tomorrow. Lifting at 16.15 Norwegian time. Link in bio to Livestream

Don't wait for a summer bod make it a year round bod ...Don't know where to start. I can help 🤩..... #summerbod #bodypositive

Happy Father's Day Mo! I couldn't have asked for a better father for our daughter. She's such a beautiful spirit and I see the both of us in her. You


I actually feel really at peace this Father's Day. I seriously was blessed to have the realest one I've known as my Father. He supported me

[AD: @veryuk] What I wore last night to a 40th. 🎉🥂Big thanks to @veryuk for gifting me this fab jumpsuit. ❤️💗 That prosecco *may* have

You know that moment when you look in the mirror and think to yourself..... do I even workout? Then you look back at some old photos and compare them

Lovely day spent with friends to celebrate being #fortyandfabulous...Thanks so much for celebrating the gift of life with me, I don’t take you or

Simple, stylish, softly shaded..Sometimes that’s all a gift needs. I used this gorgeous marbled paper from @papermirchi which has often featured


In every walk in with nature one receives far more than he seeks. ▪John Muir ▪....__________________________✂️ #nature #streetstyle

40 happens in two weeks!! 🥳🌈my first birthday song comes in Norwegian. I am keen to turn this into an Indian wedding and celebrate over and over

Oh Boy l feel the itch and the pull in my stomach it’s so addicting. I’ve been chillen for 6 month enjoying food BUT I’m ready to get ready for

Sexy Sunday Repost from @vshapemyworld How says a woman in their late 40's is old? FTS We are the new fabulous generation 👄💄👠.. #lovemyage


2nd weekend in a row with a rainy long run! 13 miles! The rain made the weather cool so I’ll take it! I was a little faster than my easy run pace, (

Sunday funday! Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers out there. I always miss mine on this day. He passed away in 2006, I did not know it at the

Our goal in life....less filters, more great skin confidence 🥰 message us with any skincare questions you have and we will aim to give you our

There seems to be a theme with the gifts my family and friends surprised me with last night. Did someone say I like beer?My mom got me the coolest