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Little snippet from the Kingsbury League trials against a very strong opponent a few KG above me. Learning every day to become the fighter I know I

Теннисистам Лужайки на заметку🤫 - заряжаем ноги на работу и на корт.... 🎾🔥💪.......................... #теннислужайка #теннис #letkavetka #tennisgirl #tennisspb #training #fitness #footwork #офп #сфп

“Sinking Sand... to His Solid Ground. Jesus. “Carry me, carry me, carry me now From my sinking sand to Your solid groundThe only way I'm ever

Issa a vibe 🔥❤Artist : @heisrema Song 🎶 Dumebi @donjazzy @mavinrecords ______________________________TURN ON POST NOTIFCATIONS

Something about the string synth said ‘bow and arrow’ to me. I made this right after Session 28, I think..... #teenageengineering #opz

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Little morning pad smash at Durban ultimate fitness and fight gym with @calscroobz working my hands finding my timing, and persision beacuse timing

One night I mentioned to our Coach that I realized the thing that sometimes held me back was the expectation to wanting to do the

💽🎧 Lingvisto x Jo Twist – African Blaster Kush (Гусси RMX) (2013)•Обложка для сингла артистов Lingvisto и Jo

Dengan mencuci sepatu secara rutin, semua kerak atau noda yang ditimbulkan akibat kotoran yang menempel terlalu lama disepatu anda dapat dihindarkan

Puro Show 💥🔥 Bachata Killer Moves workshop ft special guest @ataca_official. Thank you to my Bachata Brother for showing me some love at the

Congratulations to Matthew for winning the Harper Ink 18s this weekend. There’ve been a long line of great players who have won this tournament

Esperó les Guste Estaba Un poco desactivado sin nuevos vídeo, estába subiendo vídeos pasados y aquí tienen uno nuevo ya que he estado cambiando

Great to be back working with @razorrobwilkinson again. Focused on a lot of footwork drills, emphasising on the pivot step, and being evasive while

На днях прошёл молодежный концерт «В РИТМЕ ГОРОДА» Огромное спасибо «Дворцу Искусств» за приглашение. Получили кучу заряда и позитивных эмоций!✨✨✨

“Sinking Sand... to His Solid Ground. Jesus. “Carry me, carry me, carry me now From my sinking sand to Your solid groundThe only way I'm ever

Footwork Soberbio 👣⠀Итоги недели: footwork бачаты moderna

"Брейкинг и точка 8

#Repost @meggi_mrdc• • •HIP-HOP BREAKING SHOWCASE @ IIT GANDHINAGAR @kings_united_india #danceworkshop #day2 🎥 - @parth.shah72.pp

New video chicos espero que les guste🔥💪... @cuttingshapesnetwork @shapesmexiico  @cuttingshapesevolution @shuffle_wrld  @we.

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Stay Hungry grand champion ship🔥:Bboy oidon Rep=stylesummitcrew He was among the top4Congrats 🔥🔥:Go to next Level🎯🎯 #bboy #bgirl

Final rounds vs @dion_is_icrisis. My plan for this battle was just just catch a vibe. Celebrate that I made it to the end and that's exactly what I

Man....You know people really care when they gang up to battle you, 10 vs 1; then (swipe👉🏼) sneak into your home 30 minutes later, hide in the