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Long drive ☑️Red bull ☑️Comfortable pillow ☑️Browsing YouTube on the go ☑️Minivan full of 16+ people ☑️ .Road safety

Elegant ghost homes scattered around Cambodia following the Khmer Rouge's reign of terror 🏚️ #followthatturtle

At one with nature. When the hotel staff are as scared of the gecko in your room as you are #causinghavoc #justf*ckoffalready 😂 then the Bat

Cambodian/Khmer food 😍! Honourable mentions to Tcharkado; Beef Lok Lake; Massamab Curry; Tom Yum; Fresh Spring Rolls; Fish Amok; and Kampot Pepper

The #Coconutfactory where all parts of the coconut are used up, rope is made and other bits are sent away. After a hard day's work the #lads had the

Bike ride through the countryside, took shelter from the rain storm in a local temple. They looked after us well with tea, fruit and cakes. Eventually

Mount Bai Tho, what a day! Death trap fence, ripped jeans and held #hostage by granny on the way back down ⛰️ #thegreatescape

Halong Bay, UNESCO World Heritage Site 🤳 ☑️ Great time with Dang Quang, celebrating Vietnam winning the AFF final against Malaysia

Trip to #Begnas Lake. The birds really seem to have taken a liking to @anthonyanakor 😂. Ended the day watching Everest at the outdoor cinema

#Varanasi, built on the banks of the #RiverGanges and dedicated to the god #Shiva. Hindu #pilgrims travel for miles to immerse themselves in the

I find something so inspiring when I surround myself with women who not only have passion but also take action! It was such an honor and pleasure to