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My sketches from this past week.Sketch 71: The Lion 🦁 Sketch 72: The Antique Car (Ford Model T)Sketch 73: The Owl 🦉 Sketch 74: The Acoustic

Here’s what came out of the sketch of the day series this week.Sketch 56: Painter SmurfSketch 57: The PandaSketch 58: The Monkey 🐒 Sketch 59

📼MCS WEEKLY REWIND📼Here’s what came out of this week’s sketches in the sketch of the day series:Sketch 52: The Rabbit 🐇 Sketch 53

Sketch 54: The Castle 🏰 (Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany)Swipe ⬅️ for the process.Here’s why I was missing in action with my sketches