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I tried to go for a rose here but even though I wasnt successful I thought it looked really pretty, felt like sharing it anyway :) come next week I

Did you know that solarplate etching uses the sun and water to etch a plate instead of nasty acids. Here’s a new drawing for a major project I’m


Un beau congé créatif! Production de boucles d’oreilles florales! Tulipes, marguerites, roses... faites vos demandes! 🌹🌸 #sophieroyerartiste


art is still art in even the most urban of areas (what a #deep saying). if anyone knows the artist, tell them i think their flowers are pretty

It’s a rainy day, Jeff left for London last night, and I start a new job Wednesday—so I’m soaking up moving slow today. ⠀⠀My checklist

Conversar com plantas parece coisa de fada. E ela conversa sim. Silenciosamente, porém sempre em sintonia com elas. Na língua delas. Observa o


Fiori di robinia, dal profumo intenso ed ammaliante.Black locust flowers, with an intense and captivating aroma. ... #flowerstagram #flowers


I’m so elated to have been able to make this long time dream #fauxrook piercing happen for this young lady! This week has really solidified my

A nova coleção da Izza está recheada de news para vocês._-----------_------------_-----------_-----------Não perca tempo e corre pra cá!_

Roundleaf ragwort (Packera obovata) is not near as abundant or common as its weedy cousin, Packera glabella. It is distinguished by the round leaves

Only when you search for what inspires you will you experience happiness from within🌿🧡.. . #garden #gardening #gardener #landscapedesign

HARUCOLLEテクニカルデザインコースcrystal artrium


Peony. 💗🌸

❁ hiii!➸ Works best with: yellow, yellow toned pics ˗ˏˋ fcˎˊ˗ 91☆Mood: lazy feeling sick :/•this is...a free filter!♡love you all


As the Apple candles were so popular I’ve found these lovely scented pot candles available for end of term. They can be personalised with any name

There was London, Melbourne, Liege, Brussels, Ottawa and now Toronto. We’re too stubborn to be anything but together.. #spring #springlook


to ivory

Lily of valley

Broke my back for a handful of berries 🤠🤤

Nadar con tiburones ✔


Собралась в балет :D

Fun day exploring! 😃🌱🌳🌸