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New full body workout. Gonna try to stick with this one 😊

Sometimes we WIN! But sometimes we fail too... unfortunate to not get 60kg but I’ll come back stronger from today’s session with @conorscanlan


There are 168 hours in the week. Dedicate at least 3 of those hours to focusing on your physical health and you’ll be amazed the effect it has on

Pulled a muscle 😂🙄 typical.. attempted to see how I would run after doing 1 week of couch 2 5k.. better than I thought.. considering I haven’t

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Gostou? Deixe aquele lindo ❤ para ajuda, comente "EU QUERO" para sempre receber todas as postagens, marquem as amigas 😍😘. 🔥ATENÇÃO

Yay for tire pushes! They thought I couldn’t make it worse, yet here we are 💁🏼‍♀️😂


🌸Beauty is a state of mind, not a state of body. ..We’ve been told that beauty is simply skin deep and that’s not true. True beauty is

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Fartlek, which means "speed play" in Swedish, is continuous training with interval training. The hubs and I did this with our run today just to change

Haven't posted in a few days just been doing my thing. Been exercising daily! My body is tired. I'm just getting used to the changes I've made. I feel

This is me trying to get some balance in life. Thanks @melastraning for a great Bodybalance class tonight. •If you’re training to stay fit and



Meer geht immer😍 manchmal muss man einfach weg! Egal wohin, Hauptsache ans Meer!!🔥.Tag 1 und 2 überlebt 🙃👌🏻 meiner Meinung nach kö

Happy Tuesday!🔅 ⁣I went light on leg day becauseI had a headache but after the workout I felt so much better! The days you feel so unmotivated

Let’s talk about transformation posts shall we?A transformation doesn’t have to be physical, mental ones are so important also!!! A

⚡Challenging but great workout today⚡ (3x)8 kcal assault bike (sprint)20 wall balls (60% load)5min set up and/or rest (3x)500m row88 Ibs KB


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It's #TeepTuesday! Do you prefer the lead or rear teep? Is one more powerful than the other? Is the one that you prefer the one that lands more

Who else is struggling to get back on track after vacation 😭😭😭😭

the best things are the most difficult, but this does not mean that they are impossible to achieve! sometimes they only require only more hard work,