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Just got home from a 2 mile walk. Its memorial day weekend and ya gurl is determined to become a runner. Beginning with long distance walks in my


Wish me luck 👀😝😬 tomorrow is the big day! It’s marathon time. 10:00am at the start line so hopefully will set off not long after that!

Love having new Ballet Barre participants. Sally & Erica enjoying the benefits of this graceful toning class. Four classes a week to choose from at


Saturday morning training in the books. Oh and @laurojo08 has been with me for 5 years and @deannagehring since the start of my career!!!

Bol bol kahve, yeşilçay ve su tükettim. Valla ben tatile 67 kilo olarak gitmek için elimden geleni yapıyorum. Olur da gidemezsem yolumun üstü

Cuando tengas que trabajar en el fin de semana, ve a un lugar agradable que te ayude a despejar la mente y así te facilitará el trabajo.

Bei so einem herrlichen Sonnenschein und warmen Wetter macht es richtig Spaß Sport zu machen. Heute bin ich eine kleine Runde um die weißen Berge


Perspective - I lost 9️⃣ of these and have kept it off for over a year! 🎉🎉🎉.I want to COACH you and celebrate EVERY milestone with you

Please follow and like💪👇Follow: @gym_importanceFollow: @gym_importance for more workout contact✔️➖➖➖Credit👉 @vindiesel @therock

Nem sempre terás o que desejas, mas enquanto estiveres ajudando aos outros encontrarás os recursos de que precisas.... #campanhaemdefesadavida

Something to prove, you need to listen now,we don’t have a moment to waste, no time to play around 💪🏽 Ich bin wieder mitten im Aufbau und

Great season for @maddie.harris finishing her senior year in shot put with a 2nd place finish!!!! Great job!!!! #fitness #gym #fit #workout

WHEY 3MATRIX Etkisini Nasıl Gösterir?Whey proteini Arjinin ve Lizin amino asitlerince zengindir. Bu iki amino asit büyüme hormonunu salgılatan


Anyone else get frustrated with their fitness progress???? I seem to fluctuate week to week. One week I SEE the progress, the next I’m like

Pls help me with $138 usdollars to bal up my new camera i just purchased "Canon EOS 70D" I won't be given if don't balance up my cash 🙏🏾50,000

• Le risque est indispensable au succès si vous avez peur de sortir et de vous aventurer dans l'inconnu alors préparez-vous à une vie longue et

🏀⚽️Off-Season Training 🏈⚾️⁣⁣🔵Every athlete at the end of their season is hungry to get better! The end of the season meeting

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Só na E&B fitness você encontra conforto e estilo para seu treinoem Aguaí rua Major Braga 878 CentroWhatsApp (19) 9 89607131 #fitnessmotivation


I've never nor will i ever lose to anyone and this game 🏀

Authenticity, Growth, Understanding, and Diplomacy are qualities that when they work in pari-passu, you’d be marveled at the things you can achieve

Eğitimde anda olmak çok önemli kaçırdığın bir cümle belki hayatını değiştirecek daha iyi dinlemek için bol bol liftoff ve aleolu çay t

Happy Saturday, babes !! I’ve been having such a GREAT week of workouts. Here’s some clips from my leg day yesterday🤩Like💛 swipe➡️ and

😍 Protein Snack 😍 Sooo YUMMY und super Ersatz zur Schoki 👌🏼😉 Protein Pralinen und so vieles mehr findet ihr bei @sportnahrungwehle und

Hey everyone! I hope you are all having an AMAZING Saturday! Killed back today! Wedding last night was a blast! had SO much fun


“Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If

Just when you think that you’re not gonna take class because @jufit2016 killed you during the 45 min small group. You have you’re CKO FAM to

🍑🍑🍑 being away from home can make it easy to ignore your diet goals because you don’t have your usual groceries and kitchen - which is why

I can’t think of a better Saturday morning ❤️———————————————————————Maybe caffeine can be a

Don't fear. I am at a pont in life where I feel more up to the challenge of life than ever before!

Não ah!!’ Maior declaração de Amor 💖 a 🕊Deus🕊 doque a obediência 🤝. Pois Deus jamais pode habitar em um corpo com pecados . Reflita

I did my arm day circuit twice today. So needless to say, my arms are nonexistent at the moment. How’d I make it home in 1 piece? God. Without


The very heart of yoga practice is ‘abyhasa’ – steady effort in the direction you want to go.” - Sally KemptonThis was my first attempt

140kg squat, second attempt was the crazyiest rep I've ever done‼️.60kg bodyweight....... #stronglegs #strengthtraining  #strength  #squat