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KNOW YOUR WEAKNESSES💁🏻‍♀️.❤️Be honest with yourself! Self awareness is soooo important because you have to accept and understand


Creamy zoodles + crispy cauliflower gnocchi made a dream team duo on tonight’s dinner plate 😍. Paired them with a pan-seared garlic & herb

What is the best path for the basketball? 🏀⁣⁣ @fchwpo demonstrating how it's done!⁣⁣Gather on penultimate step ➡️ ball to left hip


My old Trainer Bob Shannon will now be based out of @punchline_gym 🙌👏🙌 He could of picked any gym to be based from but chose to work with me


Můj milý bicáček...kde se vzal,tu se vzal a teď se ztratil...kam ses poděl burgru se schoval

It’s that boulder shoulder day 💪 Each of the 3 heads of the delt were given 2 exercises. The first exercise was 4 sets of 10 reps and the second

Estamos a la vuelta de la esquina. Entregamos en tu casa, gimnasio y oficina. Envios gratis a Santiago Centro y San Bernardo.C4: #c4 #preworkoutC4

Pra quem fechou o combo das SunSet está chegando a vez de Campinas, é no dia 20/11 FeriadoN !!! Se liga que ainda da tempo de se inscrever

Estrogonofe é a especialidade do Club!⠀São 6 sabores deliciosos: carne, frango, camarão, grão de bico, palmito!Com opções para os carní

Mehmet doğru nun önü yayılıyor du. Doktorlar ona 18 Lik deli kanlı vücuduna sahip olduğunu söyledi. #fit #gym #boxing #karate #brunette


Ser la mejor versión de nosotr @s mism @s debería ser una obligación, no una decisión. Puedes ser todo aquello que te propongas. Solo hace falta

It takes nothing to join the crowd It takes everything to stand alone Book in a class with Amanda from @amanda_divinephysiques on www..csfitness 24

Quand il est presque 21 h, que t'hésites entre regarder la télé ou cramer des calories pendant tes 30 minutes de temps libre et que finalement tu

🐅 🚢 ◀◀◀◀◀ Ç♄ໂςҡ ฿īỢ

Baked potato with herbal yoghurt, leaf salad and salmon - easy dinner and gives you so many important nutrients. Baked potato: carbsYogurt: protein

APPLE PICKING 🍎🍎🍎..Les comparto unas fotos de mi fin de semana en Arteaga 🤩 y las comparto con la razón de motivarlos a conocer este


Aula da manhã 9h e 10:20.Hoje tivemos uma “Girl” que ninguém gosta 😅.Barbara5 rounds for time:o 20 pull-upo 30 push-upso 40 sit-upso

🦍 VAMOS POR MÁS!!! 📢 Post entreno fit... jajaja puta moda/cuento ridículo... si quieres ser una bailarina que pese lo mismo que tu talla (si

Espalda/hombros desliza➡️.Estos son los ejercicios que he estado incorporando en mi rutina de hombros y espalda, procuro llegar con mucho

PUTA 📷 LOCURA! 💥Photo by @jmanelrb Selected by creative team IGVO & RED*INKHazte seguidor en Instagram (encontrarás el

I'ma break you off, let me be your motivationTo stay and give it tonightAnd, baby, turn around, let me give you innovation.🎵🎶😍❤ #gaylove

Want to give your new members a little something to make them feel at home? We'll help you customize a Welcome Box that shows your new members that



Today is #worldkindnessday ❤️ Take a moment to tell your loved ones what they mean to you. And with that said - CLIENTS, WE LOVE YOU and we are so

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was my back 💪🏼 sometimes you get down when you’re not where you’d like to be but everything takes

Electrodos ✨ ONDAS RUSASTonificá y Modelá..Las ondas rusas son corrientes que generan estímulos eléctricos mantenidos y uniformes, cuya

I’ve learned a lot during these 3.5 months. Other then who your really friends are and whom cares about you. Dark times will come dealing with a

It snowed for the first time this season in Philly yesterday, so here’s a picture of me in tropical weather. I’ll be over here trying to channel


Papa Suzette 🥔🔥 100gr de puré de papas1 huevo20cc de crema de leche30g de queso parmesano20g de pan Rallado5 gr de mantequillasal

___________________________________________________ @bellahadid #bellahadid #bellahadidstyle #bellahadidfans #beige #streetstyle #streetwear

Your body does NOT need to fit into the mold that society has deemed as “beautiful”

Week 2 :Wednesday : Abs I did five variation of Abs exercise, this particular exercise on this video is the jump and lateral pivi with the medicine

Mamča a nejlepší kamarádka. ❤️ Vždycky tady pro mě byly za jakékoliv situace a já jsem byla šťastná, že mě přijely podpořit

Não se de por vencido


◾ In your room, where time stands still or moves at your will, will you let the morning come soon or will you leave me lying here ?◾

I have to say this is my absolute favorite set I have from @prozis ! The color and the material are perfect!! High quality fabric and a great fit!!

Flagrado: Dando aquela revirada na geladeira em busca de algo para ajudar a aturar a semana. O que seria...? Spotted: Looking for something in the

Happy Friday everyone!!!😍 I don’t think anyone is more excited for the weekend than I am today 😩😭••• #girlswithmuscle #muscle

.✔️Georgia🇬🇪 / Guria.✔️A few Photos of Push ups in the Mountains. 💪It’s Possible to do some bodyweight workouts even into the