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Conservatives are harassed and attacked all the time in America. They call Trump a "dictator" and a "facist" even though they are the only ones trying

HEYYY entiéndelo... si la persona con la que estás... manifiesta estos comportamientos... te esta MANIPULANDO.😓🤦🏽‍♀️...Sígueme


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💫On Divinity On HumanityOn Consciousness

I decided to make my own tier list, let me know if you agree/what you would change

People should be free to do with their bodies what they wish without the government intervening! Whether they regret it later in life is not your

It’s almost summer ☀️ With the nice weather and long weekend coming up, be sure to remember the importance of keeping irradiated skin out of the

Our founder, Clare Sultmann sat down with social commentator, author, feminist and lecturer Jane Caro about Jane’s new book ‘The Accidental


The least we can do is be kind, it doesn’t cost a dime and we can really change the world for the better! . #Repost @raisingvegankids ・・・

• Reposting on behalf of all the lovely ladies I met while I briefly went to lyra classes at @skysirens. Instagram’s ridiculous shadow banning and

Since at birth we are already sexualized. The world see us as a sexual object and that's disgusting. Natives women are being killed, sexual assault,

Surround yourself with strong women 💪🏼💪🏼

Out of photos lol


READ:.Negative, critical and hateful comments will be blocked, reported, screenshot and posted elsewhere to show how bad you are. You have been

Sarun U Lavu (Saturn In Leo), an animated short by Croatian director Anna Šagadin @anna.ahha , will have its Australian premiere on our closing night

not just grief, any emotion, is part of your humanity and deserves respect and attention. maybe you need this reminder with me - that the greatest

Hoy estuve en la mesa del encuentro de @aeriargentina sobre Feminismo y Relaciones Internacionales, exponiendo sobre Teoría Feminista desde los

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And this includes countries at war, where child marriage is legal, death by stoning is a punishment and where rape is common

Coming in June: We Did It For You! Women's Journey Through History.Come see the journey women have taken to get rights in America! .Sunday June

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It could be so much simplerTeach men how to be respectful and respectable instead of acting like its the vitcims job to "not get raped

“You need the dirt to grow and the shit to thrive” - bloom from the dirt #NFWR

ARTICLE BY: @nytimes"FACT BASED" THIS WEEK IN POLITICS ___________________________________________________Follow @facttbased for📰News: ⚖

(Arrasta pro lado para ver como ela era antes)Uma bailarina renovada especialmente para a Verônica. Muito obrigada pela confiança


We like to feed our minds negative thoughts sometimes and its not right. Look at yourself in the mirror everyday and tell yourself that your’e

Anyone can be a feminist! Your gender, race, religion, etc. don’t matter. Feminism is simply advocating women’s rights on the basis of equality of

Listen to sailor moon and the sailor scouts they mean BUSINESS!!!

tell me in what universe is it okay for these pro life people to do this. if these people are harassing women for having basic constitutional rights,


Logotype for Feministparaplyet / Logotyp för Feministparaplyet. Jag fick den stora äran och förtroendet att ta fram en logotyp för Ålands

Vou começar a mostrar aqui no feed de tempos em tempos alguns livros sobre feminismo e empoderamento feminino que influenciam diretamente a minha

Gracias por un jueves lleno de actualidad, información, análisis y también nuestro habitual sarcasmo para resistir la contingencia! . #repost