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It’s all about what the news thinks is important and apparently a burning building is more important than the most important rainforest on earth-

Know your worth 🌺

we exist ✌🏾

Allow the Holy Ghost to fill your whole being with His love and gifts so that you may be able to courageously advocate for the dignity of human life


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It's Choose Day! When repenting you are not only changing mentally but physically! Some of us had habits that may have caused weight gain or loss in

On a support group chat I’m in we were discussing autistic people being non verbal and how it can change. A lot of people are primarily verbal but

✖ Against all forms of oppression! ✖The fight for liberation is not a single-issue one. ✌ Even if The Official Animal Rights March might have

This mother is scared and the financial burden is weighing heavily on her decision.Help save a life! Click the link in our bio to donate!

•The Living Goddess• The goddess resides in each one of us and every woman is considered as the embodiment of the supreme goddess but owing to


Snippet of today’s sesh involving Kang squats, reverse hypers, back squats and some knee prehab/core work! Love these sessions by @tc_strength

Azalea by embodies the essence of a summer that falls in twilight zone. We spoke to the founder in an exclusive interview. The Egyptian

No, dear. There’s a reason many of us believe as we do, and it’s because we’ve seen what you have to offer and it’s a shit deal that isn’t


Food for thought ....Follow @evergreen.reveries for more by Emily Byrnes 🌿 | Mental Health | Love & Heartbreak | Affirmations | Identity

The Answer is in the Question.Don't ask yourself what's right.Ask yourself what's good.Don't ask yourself what's profitable.Ask yourself what

Women can’t even WALK in peace??? Regardless of age or gender, people should have the common decency to respect the space of another individual! It

Working with @iamaddiegaston this weekend was such an amazing experience! This woman is so talented and a true gem 💎Full gallery coming to a feed

everything that everyone loves about you has nothing to do with what you look like. Do the thing. Swim at the pool party. Wear the crop top. This isn

This is ridiculous. We have to understand that not everyone is going to have the same views, beliefs, or understanding. We don’t have to agree but

This & more September 7th! Artist: @riles.on.insta ...The Vinyl Monologues: A visual art show on vinyl records created by all female & non binary

Here's an action scene from a female led action-comedy short film that I Directed, The Throwaways. It was my first time Directing an action sequence


Na naszym Facebooku czeka na Was świeża notka z nowej serii #girlscanintospace ♀️👩‍🚀 Opowiada o karierze Eren Ozmen, prezeski

Spray away those anxious moments with lavender & camomile natural oil to calm, soothe and pamper you before sleep. I have felt warn out today, anyone

Send this to all fellow hustlers who are stressing out because of thinking they need to do it all All ALLL TODAY! No! Stop. You're killing yourself.

A R D E N T 💖

#Repost @theweavingworkshop with @get_repost・・・[Online Exhibit]⠀⁠⠀Transformation: Fiber as Medium⁣⠀⁠⠀⁣⠀⁠⠀Artists


4 women re-enacting the Henry Mosler painting "The Birth of the Flag" in 1917