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아빠가사준 귀걸이네번이나잃어버렸는데다찾았는데 이번엔 못찾겠네ㅠ보홀에계시고싶은가보다ㅠ오빠야가살던곳에 꼭 가보고싶어했는데..잘있어아빠..다비야고마워 메일로도다보내주고병원에 보호자로아빠와딸이오면그렇게 눈이간다..보고싶어아빠.. #Father's Genius #in Bohol

Galatians 5:24 - Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. NIVThere’s something better out there.


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Come visit us this Saturday for Butterfly Day! See our live Butterfly Garden, Make a Butterfly Craft, FREE loot bag with Butterfly seed packet and

Appreciation post for my loves. My Itay goes fishing everyday as if it is his job. I adore him for being the best father to us. He’s incredibly

God is truly my peace, whenever I turn to him with my whole heart, he always sustains me with his love.....and I am more than thankful for that

Far er ute og kjører traktor om dagen, og lilleputt får også være med. Ivrig liten sjel som vil ut og kjøre og som ikke vil stoppe - ikke engang

This is my circus 🎪, and these are my monkeys🐒 ... well most of them are! 🤣•Yesterday, we packed up and headed to @lincolnparkzoo ! We’

It’s springtime, whose ready for some exploring out at Elkwater?

LYRICS: 51i don't k what 2 say hi dude or high dadi k u left but im not madu used 2 tell me oh kiddo ur not tht badim ryhimg this words not 2


Студия красоты ​​"NaNa": маникюр, реснички и шугаринг График работы: БЕЗ ВЫХОДНЫХ с

AWESOME GUEST ALERT 🚨 🏄‍♂️🏄‍♂️ First Class Father and World Class Surf-boarder SHANE DORIAN will be joining me next week for an

A janta deles que chamamos de café da manhã ou café da tarde.Dinner time 🤤.. #aupair #aupairlife

Des petits moment comme ça qui viennent juste ensoleillé mes journées parfois grises. #preciousmoments #daughter #youngest #father

[CONCENTRADO...].Tenemos miles de errores pero que eso no nos detenga para dar lo mejor para Dios en nuestros servicios hacia Él

I have to say he’s a fine and honorable young man...A man after God’s own heart...I’m incredibly proud of my son @jjward03!! Great men aren’t


귀요미 보구시프당❤💙💚💛🧡💜.... #첫줄 #morning #선물 #추억 #행복 #happy #가족 #father #mom

❤💙💚💛🧡💜.... #첫줄 #morning #선물 #추억 #행복 #happy #가족 #father #mom

Newborn feet are my favorite 😭😍


WOW ~ to put out what I’ve had on my mind & heart and have my target audience gravitate & relate to it 💯 is an absolute blessing. Wanna send a

Stop worriying so much about being the best parent , and start thinking about becomening a better person.Tag someone how needs to see this even if it

Prints back!”Blue Guy”tattoo ink/ watercolour/ink on Arches. Available on my Big Cartel! A2/A3. Link bio. @fewandfarstudio


We love this father and son photo! We had a great time shooting David, Rebekah and their kids. Blog just posted with some more great shots from this

My 👸🏾always in tune w fashion 🕶

📸: @markmeredith5443: WORLD PREMIERE ‼️‼️ disclaimer : (THIS IS FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY!!!!!) new heat 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father 🎵 Since hearing this song years ago, it has always been my favourite song to sing. Another cover without a