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Amamos o que fazemos ❤️ se você também ama a sua profissão, seja ela qual for faça o melhor, se doe ao máximo para realizar com perfeição

Morning weights with @chalenejohnson is done! .It was a long weekend, and filled with lots of love and food! .It feels good to start the week off


M e r c a d o t e c n i a engañosa.Me encontré con este tesoro de engaño, ¿vale la pena comprar eso al cuádruple que lo que valen las normales


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Most of the time I mess up every cakes that needs to be cooked in an oven. So here it is a non bake #peanutbutter cookies. No sugar but a lot of fat

Meal Prep Made Easy👌⚫Easter Sunday is over and you enjoyed your favorite treats. If we want to be consistent and see progress with our goals

Good fats comes from nuts, fish and vegetables while trans fat comes from snacks and fast foods which may lead to high cholesterol. Pansulin can

Earthquakes just happen. Tornadoes just happen. Your tongue does not just happen to fall into some other guy’s mouth!•••• #sadaudios

Here's my post-run meal😋Yes it's a lot of food. But I felt hungry and that's what I go by.TIP: sometimes after the indulgence of the holidays or


Coolsculpting is a noninvasive procedure that allows you to freeze your stubborn fat cells which get broken down by your body naturally. An important

"Are you eating the right meal in daily routine? It is encourage to eat more vegetables and fruits but we have to consume right amount of carbohydrate


As we've seen before, Maillard reaction is produced when amino acids and proteins are in the same food, giving a brownish color to it, in this

Broke my 48 hour fast with this gorgeous ribeye cooked in organic butter. Many more fasts to come as I’m working my way to a much leaner summer body

Dzisiaj chwila relaksu i dzień wolnego od treningu 🏃‍♂️😉 Ketoza pomaga zapanować nad świątecznym obżarstwem 🥚🍗🥞🍭🍬

Our Anniversary is in 5 days! And our celebration is in 9! We will be celebrating with a super fab brunch outing. RSVPs are due today and are FREE (


Effective way to lost weight is through exercise! However, you can lost weight at own pace with Pansulin. Don't believe it? Try it and you will see

Sváteční bašta 🥞🍓 Ghíčko, vejce, kousek banánu, tučný tvaroh, jahody, borůvky. No a je toooo! #pancakes #eggs #ghee #banana


My lunch is the bomb today! 💣A beautiful grass finished striploin from @yourfarmgate butcher shop. Sliced with a smear of beef tallow and

Perfect example of a balanced meal! Salmon rich in healthy fats, omega 3 and protein. Parsnips and lots of veg as carbohydrate source all rich in

What happened next will remain a mystery..