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Hola!.If this post caught your attention because you were hoping to find the easy, fast and magical solution base on unicorn blood, I am sorry to

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And the other side. #fat freezing takes 16 weeks to see the maximum results - so can I imagine how this #mummytummy will be at the end of her wait? We

lil afternoon leg seshhh. Enjoying my fridays while i still can 😢 getting a little better at lifting in the morning/early afternoon. Also


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Living authentically is hard.... Do it anyway ❤️❤️❤️


I'm so excited! My Spark People app FINALLY linked to my Google Fit account! It isnt reading the same as my Bellabeat but that's because I dont always

His and hers dinner for pizza night. .1. His. Pizza with chicken crust, @raoshomemade marinara, pepperoni, and cheese obvs..2. Mine. Pizza eggs.

American actress and comedian Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Recreation, Scott Pilgrim's and the upcoming Chucky's remake) made this photoshoot for Cosmpolitan

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Fuck hot girl and boy summer🖕🏽💯. It’s fat girk summer✅🥳❌❌🤰🏾 #fat #dance


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Kejujuran itu seperti cermin. Sekali dia retak, pecah, maka jangan harap dia akan pulih seperti sedia kala. Jangan coba-coba bermain dengan cermin


So Burger King in Vietnam has these taro pies which are quite different from the apple pies that I’m used to. The crust is much thinner and more

//OBVIOUSLY NOT MY PICTURE\\ ~ I'm going to do this 💕 ~I managed to fast today! Still having issues exercising- with lack of times no motivation

Speaking of needing to feel like you’re eating junk, pork rind crusted mozzarella sticks do the trick. Took whole milk string cheese and egg washed

🌷🌷🌷Alguém precisa cortar o cabelo! 🤭. .Hj perguntei nos stories se alguém tem vergonha do corpo. Muita gente respondeu que sim

Que pão 😋 e quanto aprendizado na noite de ontem amei o workshop na @cozinhagourmetdelrey ministrado pela Gizeila do @aulevain.paes parabéns pelo

Forgot to post wit other ones lmao. Nice or no?. Comment n I'll shout u out!100 likes n I'll shout all out..... #explorepage #fat #chubby