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We're going strong people, I'd say about 2/5 the way there, didn't get much work done today tho despite being sat her for 3 hours; I just haven't

Testing out some new ideas really wanna improve on past mystakes from last year and grow as a better artist this year so i can grow to an even better


Okay though, Bungou Stray Dogs is so good. It's the first time I can ever say I don't have a favorite character because I love them all so much.


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I made Gardenia originally for my little sister. She ended up abandoning her completely and I took over making up the back story and such. I ended

(ALERTA DE TEXTO BREGA) Oi leitor, você têm grandes sonhos? Eu também tenho, tmj! Eu vesti esse blazer da @aline.ozorio em um sábado, que

Espero les guste este avance ,para no tener la cuenta abandonada ,sera una colaboracion con @gonza.art_ el lo pintara 👀pero tambien decidi hacer mi

•|🥀|• --> swipe --> •|🥀|•p o o f,bacc at it again with more fanart qwqthis one's based off of a song called 'Sorry' from @evosae 's

SHE'S DONE!!!!!finally some PROPER gravepainters fanarti was testing a new colouring method that i'll,,,, never use againlineless!!! how yall feel

Become A Guest Author & Join The TeamSince we launched 2016 we have given the fans of Star Trek the great opportunity to write guest articles for


"I'm afraid of AMERICAN'S!!!"- Jameson NighgorthJameson is a species of BowinenI was listening to some @davidbowie wie today and was inspired to

Se la fumaron verde los creadores de Beyblade xD-Admin: Pain-¡No olvides comentar!Síguenos en @paraotakusoficial y activa las notificaciones

Angelina Dust art again. She is pretty fun to draw. I love Angel Dust design and Angelina seems like a nice pair to Angel Dust. #AngelDust

🇧🇷 O príncipe dos Saiyajin! Como disse antes refiz aquele Vegeta! Ainda não me entendi com o digital então tô misturando as mídias :P>>>


hi @kappa_kaiju i haven’t drawn you in quite some time and i miss drawing you so ye have fun with this drawing i spent an hour on.---- #art

Little fanart for my favorite artist uwu. Ndl inspires me so much and her art is just amazing so you should go follow! Bro i hope she notices this

Still in Fallen Hero: Rebirth hell! Today felt like taking requests, so here they are: Bunch Of Sidesteps + my Colleen #fallenherorebirth #sidestep

.🖼 Brian May (‘39 version)✏️ Digital, Pen Tool Sai📅 April 2019📝 I love his fluffy haiiiir 💕 more WIPs🔎 #myart #myart🎨

Here’s the Great Gatsby comic I’ve been meaning to post! I made this for an AmLit project thingy and finished it in one day :,^)Every sentence


*to the tune of the Ghostbusters theme song*incase you can't read my handwriting, "If you need someone.. To take care of you.. Who you gonna call?

🌸Temporada de Primavera🌸♤°▪Anime: Ao-Chan can't study! / Midara na Ao-chanWa benkyou ga dekinai.♤°▪Ending.♤°▪Generos:

😂Follow ( @its_hinataa)Turn on notifications!Thanks for 13.7k 🎉Credit to the right artist. Hashtag : ↷ #anime #naruto #sasuke #itachi


Another commision I just finished but I was so tired I forgot to take pictures of the finished product so this is what I got "stupid me" #perlermama

스케치도 정성스럽게~~수채인물화 태연그리기~.. #수채화 #watercolor #watercolorblog #watercolor_daily #sketch #illust

This is an Overwatch character I made a while back. Quiet the stabby one she is. Anyways I've been in over my head for a bit so YAY! Anyways thanks

sOOO ,, Ngl ,, I kinda didn’t like my last drawing of Gamzee so I drew him again and I like this better••• #homestuck #gamzeemakara

Finally, i draw something after i'm busy in my real life.Another airport fashion from Bobby🖤. .Anyway, please give us new hair style



skull of don devilBY Dirtdiver06 illustration link in my Bio

O sucesso nasce do querer, da determinação e persistência em se chegar a um objetivo. Mesmo não atingindo o alvo, quem busca e vence obstáculos,