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💫 первый совместный выходной за месяц ☺️ Наш Тёмик совсем скоро пойдёт в школу, а мы так волнуемся будто сами первоклассники) #familyday

The best decision even though that decision took a long time to make its the best decision I've made. They actually care about my wellbeing... we are

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When you communicate effectively with your co-parent, this will inevitably reflect on your children's approach to communication. Studies show that


*Lac Mantasoa*🌲🌿🐟 Un grand bol d’air à 40km de la city (ca parait peu mais bcp pour Mcar, 3h de route tt de même 🤪)......

‏فک کنم با هیچکس ادم نمیتونه اونطوری که با خودش حرف میزنه حرف بزنه.. 📸 @sedighsars..

Sunny days are the best days ☀️


Šodien tik ļoti mīļa diena pavadīta👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Mīlu dzīvās radībiņas ehhhh🐑🐑🐑 💖💖💖Meitai, tik ļoti patika,


Ieri ci siamo divertiti così , non è una serata ma una semplice festa tra amici , la musica deve unirci tutti , senza guerre e competizioni


so today was the twins 3rd birthday!! we had a quiet day of playing with their new toys (the kitchen was definitely their favourite!!) and then we

Had an amazing visit from mi tio @botikb I miss you already, can't wait til your next visit 🙂🙂🙂❤❤❤💙💙💙...... #familyday


🦁🎂Birthday zoo day 🎉🐻 My first birthday as a mummy and we had a lovely family day at the zoo. Theo’s first time and he really enjoyed

A summer pair made in snacking heaven: Lemonade + FLIPZ® 🍋⁠ #LemonadeDay #FamilyFunMonth⁠.⁠.⁠.⁠.⁠.⁠.⁠.⁠.⁠

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Just a little magic to brighten your day! 🤗 How sweet are these hummingbirds? I love sitting in this window and just simply admiring them when I'm

Un nonno è qualcuno con l’argento nei capelli e l’oro nel cuore.Non basta la parentela.Cit: "lezioni di vita" #family1st #happy #familylove


Dobrze, że Maniek dzisiaj miał wolne. Ból głowy prawie mnie dobił, a Ali gadał i gadał, i gadał...🙈Dni lecą powoli, a jednak nie wiem,


Our little Indie should be in bed but she is NOT interested in sleep right now ❤️❤️❤️

Что мне снег, что мне зной, что мне дождик проливной, когда моя семья со мной!...-Попали под дождь, промокли до нитки, зато настроение лучше всех 😁☔- #моя #моясемья #семья #семьямоя #подзонтом #дождь #дождь☔️ #ясчастлива #фэмели #fam #family #familytime #familyfirst #familyday #familylove #familyfun #familyguy #familyovereverything #familydinner #familytrip #familyvacation #familyreunion #familybonding #instagramanet #instatag #семьянапервомместе #семьявсборе #инстаграманет #инстатаг #семьяэтоглавное

Escola e família em harmonia são forças que se somam e beneficiam toda a comunidade escolar, principalmente o aluno.❤️😍🙏🌟 #FamilyDay