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@nikkisixxpixx I always thought that this song had such affect on me was because of my Mom. I was listening to it with my Dad one day. I told him it

A baby makes love stronger, the days shorter, the nights longer, savings smaller, and a happier home. 📸 #JacksonVisuals #baby #pregnancy #pregnant

🌕 Full Moon in Libra ♎ and the Spring Equinox 🌻☉ and it's a super moon too meaning loads of energy is coming our way. The sun in Pisces

Spring break has officially started!! Crosby’s entire week was already made by being able to hang out with the pilots before take off! 😊❤️

Here is award/trophy number 2 I made today. The organizers for @saskatoontattooexpo have requested that I provide the art to make the trophies for

“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor.” Happy Birthday to Fred Rogers, who has always taught us the

We are good at what we do! Your satisfaction is our priority. contact us now for our special easter offer for a 40% discount....... #wedding

You may already know Hygge (hoo-ga), but do you know Play, Authenticity, Reframing, Empathy, No Ultimatums, and Togetherness (P-A-R-E-N-T)? If you

Hayatımda senin sesinden daha fazla beni rahatlatan hiçbir şey olamaz sanırdım.Ne zaman yuvamıza aşkımız geldi👪huzuru,mutluluğu ,heyecan

Come try a class tonight, exercise helps reduce stress and helps you feel better. Let’s get rid of those negative thoughts and get some positive

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بوی نو شدن می آید...؛ولی تو همیشه رفیق کهنه ى من بمان...!گندم های هفت سين به گندم های آسياب گفتند:"قصه ی ما گرچه نان نداشت، اما پايانی سبز داشت...!"*پايان امسالت سبز باد*آرزویم برایت این است؛در میان مردمی که می دوند برای "زنده بودن" آرام قدم برداری برای"زندگی کردن"...سال نو مبارک❤️ #happynewyear 😍 #nirvana #roshanak #newyear #family #fashion #mommyandme #سال_نو_مبارک #۹۸عید #۹۸ #عید #عیدنوروز #لاحول_ولا_قوة_الا_بالله_العلي_العظيم🌸🍃 #مادر_دختری #khoshpooshaniran #nelinstudio

Será que eu mudei muito ? ..As crias crescem , o que fica sao as fotos...Fico aqui olhando as fotos de Arthur pequeno, e hj o Heitor me lembra

Trovo un pretesto per togliervi tutto e strapparvi dal volto quei finti sorrisiHo imparato a mordereImparato a correreA dare poi togliere, a fare

Only 2 days left on our Early Bird Special! ⠀Go get yours and support the NEBULA Kickstarter campaign now! ⠀⠀ #kickstarter #nebula

Він росте в мене дуже розумаха.Приховати справжні емоції з ним не вийде. Все одно подивитися так ніби"і кого ти дуриш?"-Ти хочеш зі мною малювати?-Так, вже взяла олівці.-А виглядає так, ніби не хочеш.Не кажен би дорослий зміг би це прочитати чи зрозуміти. Здавалася б, дитина 4-х років не має такого прохавати. Та ще й мати сміливість сказати. Нові етапи розвитку. 🤷🏻‍♀️👌........ #мамськібудні #хворіємо #Богдан #малюнки #дома #сімейніфото #україна #myson #athome #littleboy #kids #kidsgram #family

Aujourd'hui tu t en est allé. Aujourd'hui tu as suivie ta volonté Il ne nous reste plus qu à t'honorerA jamais en nous gravés Tous ces moments

The birds were singing loud today down by the river Barrow . Beautiful day in the #barrowvalley in #Graiguenamanagh. There really is no where like

I'm watching you .. But especially myself !!! So that I continue to walk the path that I am working on nowa path to sucsses and without stress!Who

There I said it 🤷🏻‍♀️

Truth 💚

Cuddles so tight I can’t breathe! 🐾❤️


RED MAKEUP ❤❤❤.When you can't find sunshine, be the sunshine.

Pantone de hoy ❤

I take a lot of pride in being myself and knowing where I came from! 🙌🏼 #PUERTORICO #orgullo boricua 💪🏼••

🔥El calor mi DESAFÍO.Y aún así sigo ESPERANDO, Ese ABRAZO aunque tardíome saque de todo este OCASO...🔥.- @alanmaoficial 👈.✋📸:

Tonlamalar, yüzünüzdeki rengin tonuna yansır. Sen çoçuğuna değil torununa ne kadar tonton olduğunu anlatsan da.. #love #instamood

2 Porsche(s) and 30+ hours of straight Detailing!.Do more Talk Less. "Do What Others Won't do Today,So You can Have What Others won't Tomorrow".