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Traditional Balinese buildings seek to be in harmony with the environment. Traditional Balinese houses are built almost entirely of organic materials


2 E' (21st April 2019) Allow you relationships to guide you towards your decision, which may involve a little sacrifice on your part. However, the


NGC 7023: The Iris Nebula.These clouds of interstellar dust and gas have blossomed 1,300 light-years away in the fertile star fields of the

Jupiter in ultraviolet

Your 8th recent emoji is your reaction to your next test grade!!😂❤️-Hey Pumpkins!! I hope all of you had a great day today! I love y’all sm

#QuoteoftheDay ‘Find and explore yourself before God as you will find God on the way to yourself.’ - HH Younus AlGohar (

Smile. 😊Learning to explore and just let myself coast on this beautiful and not so beautiful journey. Creating the life I want to live. Falling

Little Abyssinian 🐱 Photo by @sergey_polyushko #TheGlobelandFollow @TheGlobeLand for more!

#QuoteoftheDay 'This journey of divine exploration is not to be halted by anybody.' - HH Younus AlGohar ( @YounusAlGohar/yes-aliens-

🌸🌹🌸🌹 نهنئكم جميعا بهذة الليلة العظيمة بولادة الامل المنشود والحجة الموعود🌹 وارث شمس الخلود وخليفة المعبود 🌹منقذ البشرية ومخلص البرية 🌹جعلنا الله واياكم من الثابتين على موالاته والمنتفعين بعلمه والمقتفين أثره والمنتظرين له على طاعه 🌹قضى الله حوائجكم جميعا ولاتنسونا من حسن دعواتكم بهذة الليلة 🌹 🌹🌸🌹🌸 #لبيك_يامهدى #مولد_القائم #مناسباتكم #ولادات_شعبان #قصائد_شعرية #أفراح #اكسبلور_فولو_ي_حلو🔥😴 #followforfollowback #exploration @sadrea_ns @sadrea_ns @sadrea_ns

ليس من الجميل معرفة كل شي فالجهل في بعض الأحيان راحة 😴💔......... #explorepage #exploration


I just want to say thank you to each and every one of my followers I have now and have gained recently. Words still can’t begin to describe how this

Shark bite close up!⁣⁣Oahu’s North Shore make your Hawaii shark tours complete! Shark sightings are 100% guaranteed!⁣⁣https://

Finally took the photos off of my camera of our visit to Ho Thuy Thien abandoned water park in Hue Vietnam. It was not super easy to get in without

These two structures were built 1000 years apart. Right now you’re looking at me through the arched opening of a Roman lighthouse aka a pharos (AD



The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich - the world's largest maritime museum 🧐⛵🚢⚓ This concludes our visit to Maritime Greenwich, a Royal

#QuoteoftheDay 'This journey of divine exploration is not to be halted by anybody.' - HH Younus AlGohar ( @YounusAlGohar/yes-aliens-


We're glad that you could bring your friends this year to one of the 200 #YurisNight #events around the world! Strive towards being a Yuri's Night

L’exploration urbaine, abrégé urbex (de l'anglais urban exploration), est une activité consistant à visiter des lieux construits et abandonn

Repost from @aubinmnstrt..Premier shoot avec un modèle féminin !⠀Modèle : @celia.brtd⠀53/365⠀•⠀•⠀•⠀ #urbex #exploration


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This a tattoo commission I was asked to do for a friend. The design seems superisingly relevant to my life right now as well... no wonder it's the

glacier national park, 🇺🇸

I’m going large - largest yet. Final dimensions 2100 x 1820 made up of three panels. Seems like it’s meant to be when I’m rolling out the canvas


Live Industrial Design Sketching Competition! Chicago, May 01.“All Things Unmanned”. $1500 Grand Prize! Want to compete? contact Brook @Middlecott

🇩🇰 - Frederiksberg • København - 🇩🇰//Frederiksberg既中文係菲特列斯堡 係位於哥本哈根的首都城區(Capital Region

Petite photo pendant la pause du tournage de ce soir nous sommes maintenant sur la route du retour! Bonne nuit et à très vite pour la vidéo

..are you trying to fixyourself even though you're not broken?..comparing yourself to others,never try to fix yourself butjust laugh at your

🏔 Throwback to a few weeks ago when I got to visit this incredible lake. The breathtaking view and being literally in the middle of nowhere truly


📷 la kasbah des Oudaïas à Rabat