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A peak back to one of our studio naming meetings. This was a fun process - and we are almost ready to pick a name for our studio! 📷🎨

7HE 7RUE BRAZILIVN FUNK 😈Merda aleatória, que tive a ideia de fazer, com uma das musicas que vai sair em um dos albuns.... #experimentalart

“ ‘Exposition: Alkalescence A’: Note_ I” w/detail.Compound No. 9 ("Alkali")//vegetable oil_32ml, salt_128mg, honey_24ml, butter_40ml, Irish


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A TEMPORADA CONTINUA PENÚLTIMA SEMANA!!!!!!! VENHAM PARA ITAPAGIPE ver QUASEILHAS. De quarta à sábado no @mercadoiao. Quartas sempre às 20h /

On September 16, 2018, @isabel_harder suggested I draw a snake eating a snake, eating a snake, eating a snake. 218 days and 3 attempts later... voila.

Our studio’s lobby is looking more beautiful every single day! 🌿 A green space is a healing space.

moving into new creative ∸ cosmic territories ✨🧝🏾‍♀️🌈🛸 [tester]

Depending on which source you use, today may or may not be the 84th anniversary of the release of The Bride of Frankenstein. Let’s just say it is


I finally got back to working on the experimental pieces I started last week. 🎨 They might be done. I have NO IDEA where the crystals came from!

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Okay I officially hate watercolors. They're stupid and watercolor paper is pathetic. You can't control where they settle, they squirrel all over the

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There is brightness where the light shines. While the opposite is dark. I draw the shadow, not the light.I draw the brightness and not the light

20/100 Here is a little Earth Day project, a creative reuse of something that would normally end up in the landfill. This is a #drypoint #etching

Cover art!

couldn’t not crank out a portrait of my BFFL 🌝 - repost cause there was a mistake on the last one!!! ...::.... .. #art #abstractart

[Charlie Bone]/1/


Little something

A proposta de continuar essa composição foi livre, me deixou super tranquilo. So agradeço por ter encontrado em meu caminho pessoas assim, que ao

E O N S The full piece. This started as a small experiment that turned into something I would work on if I was too tired to oil paint. Then it became

Another conversation, another personality.. another sketch. Woow what a weekend. I am feeling very grateful to have the chance to meet so many


...lunes lluvioso. Dibujando sobre papel fotografico ....el papel tiene más años que yo , dandole vida al rollo encontrado en el estudio de papá.

Posting an old painting for today, really want to do more of these but I don’t have a good setup for it right now, watch for more in the future

Don’t let your mind control you. Control your mind.—————————SQ Series No. 32Day 161/ Poster 161 #artworks #arteveryday

stellar nurserylong exposure photography

“Healing yourself is connected with healing others.” – Yoko Ono ...🌸 Little Treasure ~ 8x10 mixed media on raw canvas .....


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Early yesterday morning when I was on my way home I saw a cat curled up in one of the corners of a roof.It was a bit rainy and I can just imagine how