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Seems like forever since I’ve sat down to sew 🧵 and I didn’t realise how much I missed it!! Also very excited for our best selling Boho Arrows

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These are my last 2 pre-made Wreaths! I changed them a little so the price has changed. The Home Sweet Home Wreath is $50 and the Dog Wreath is $40! I


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Had an absolutely fabulous time camping with some friends this weekend in BC. No phones, just 8 friends and 5 dogs. 🏕❤️🐕 We are currently

Grunge never die☠💋☮Follow link in bio

This past long weekend was awesome. Relaxed, lots of naps, hung out with good company and yummy food. Why is getting back into the swing of things

Let's work out together, zumba, yoga. Or jus dance 😁 #wecandoit anytime of the day!Sweater available in our shop Via

Take Chances, Make Mistakes, Get Messy! 💕🌈

Godfather Proposal Card 💌⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀If you have an idea of something you would like

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SOUND ON! 🎵 🍌 G-Bear worked very hard on this video for you guys. It’s the reason why you should own your own banana shirt. Just sayin

Do we have any followers from Alaska? (More state charms in our shop. Link in bio)


Support your local graphic designers, too ✨ shop this print and more on @etsy

Nos identificamos con eso que amamos hacer, con lugares en los que nos encanta estar o con personajes que nos marcaron 🌟😍Este es uno de los "

You gotta love the French!⠀In the middle of a busy flea market day, all of the sellers stop for a little while to have a prepacked lunch and a

The Dream is free..

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I'm slightly obsessed with how this little fairy house bee watering hole turned out! So much color, a cute little witchy vibe... What bee wouldn't

I'm very excited to have just opened my own Etsy shop with a few digital stamps I made. My name there is MadeByKezia, please, be sure to check it out

The Golden Antoinette’s are FINALLY done!!! (Limited edition prints are in my shop)🤗🤗🤗 This painting has been almost a year in the making.


You know you’re at a Wisconsin wedding when... 🧀🧀🧀 Seriously, though, cheese hour sounds like a dream and a half. 😍

New gnome. Not finished painting yet. Needs eyeballs. Really happy with how they look. A friend said it looked like driftwood and I went with it

A true Superfood.Reposted from @3rdeyeopener - Red Reishi Mushroom Available Link In BioRed Reishi mushroom, wild harvested, sliced and dried!

Here at Krystal’s Tasty Treats we have all your needs covered. One way to celebrate that big day is with a customized monogram shirt. Asha’s

Two new prints listed! Love You A Sloth & Turtle-y Awesome! Check out our Etsy shop. Linked in description. #normalizeperiods #feminist

Hey there! Since this is my first post, I'm going to tell you guys a little bit about the shop!-I started my Etsy back in 2016 and I specialize in


TEMP POST🙃👍•••Should I add this to the shop?? This was one of my Easter slimes.. but tbh, I’m feeling Shrek vibes. What do you think

🗼Good morning, good afternoon good night. It doesn't matter when you read this because it is ALWAYS a perfect time to start organizing..🗼

• Perfect for all your special occasions this summer! • Parfaites pour toutes vos occasions spéciales de l’été! • 🌞

One of the best Mother’s Day gifts in the whole wide world, aside from the two peanuts who made me a mom! ❤️ Josh made this beautiful lamp by

So many to choose from. Do you have a favorite? Look beach ready this summer and let us help. ☀️ Ocean Minded Jewelry #etsyshop #summer #jewelry


🍯Honey, Bee Mine 🐝 beeswax candles are now in the shop🖤💛 80% beeswax - they smell delightful - and topped with a sprinkle of gold glitter

Zigzags front and back ❤️💙

OH MY GOSH! 😍🥰🔥 I’ve been slowly slowly updating, tagging, naming and posting these gorgeous new earrings. They’re the greatest little

made a pair for myself coz i deserve it! 😁 Message me for custom orders and shipping info. Shop on etsy! link in bio 💛I've been very busy

New, elegant Rose Quartz earrings. 🌹 In front of a wild rose bush, & not far from a wild turkey hen making some very unusual, & likely UN-happy

Elephants symbolize strength & wisdom. 🐘💪 In the last few months, I've gravitated toward elephants, so I wonder what message they are sending to